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Bill, Hill and a Cool 100 Mill?
Tax returns disclose some interesting numbers for voters to consider.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
April 6, 2008

Even with 24/7 news, it seems pretty obvious when to release a big story if you don't want folks to be able to examine it with the political microscope. It used to be thought that you would release the story or pass offensive legislation in the middle of the night. But even with around the clock coverage, the best time to release anything is about 4pm EDT on Friday.
By doing so, there is not enough time to do the research before most folks want to go home. And even if you have the research done, how many folks are sitting at home on Friday night watching the news?
Senator Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton succumbed to the call to release their tax records just a day or so ago. Dropping the financial bombshell of big time earnings really shouldn't be much of a bombshell when you stop to think about it. However, when Clinton (the Mrs.) uses the Clinton (the Mr.) line of "I feel your pain" or a paraphrase of it, you have to wonder why the middle class or lower middle class blue collar folks buy into it.
When the Clinton's left 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, they were reportedly $5 million in debt and had to rely on fund raising buddy Terry McAuliffe to raise the over $1.3 million for the house in New York. Since January 2001, they have earned (?) over $109 million. For whatever it is worth, Bill's big income came from his speaking engagements which were close to 50% of the total. Figuring another 30% for his lackluster autobiography and other books, Bill was definitely the main breadwinner. Hillary's book royalties and Senate income accounted for about 10% of the couples' income. So much for women earning a similar amount to their husbands. OK, I understand the difference in the earnings but still is quite a discrepancy.
The question may go back to the 3 am ad that Clinton ran in Texas. When there is a financial crisis at home, who do you want answering the phone at 3am? Do you want Ms. Hillary to answer the phone, based on her 8 figure 8 year average income? Could she tell you the price of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk? Can she relate to the family that is spending $1000 a month on health insurance?
Time will tell whether or not she has pulled another one over on the American people by disclosing these numbers "after hours". My guess is that she should have waited until after the Pennsylvania primary. With her lead into single digits and new endorsements headed to Obama, these numbers could hurt her plea to the blue collar folks struggling to put gas in the tank of their pick ups and food on the kitchen table.
Maybe if Clinton doesn't win the nomination, she could work as a ventriloquist. She continues to seem as though she is talking out of both sides of her mouth. Tons of money in her account, calling for middle class folks to support her. Sorry, this middle class guy isn't falling for it.

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