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No Guts, No Glory
Edwards endorses Obama

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
May 18, 2008

I like John Edwards. He seemed like a pretty good guy. I've met him, visited with his family and think I could enjoy time getting to know the Edwards family. After this article, it ain't gonna to happen.
This week, in a sign of political unity, John Edwards traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan and endorsed Sen. Barack Obama's presidential quest. Big deal. Edwards suspended his campaign a few months back and his endorsement has been coveted by both Obama and Hillary Clinton.
But Edwards decided to wait until the race was over statistically before giving an endorsement. Wouldn't that be like announcing your support of a team playing for the national championship when that team is up by 40 points in the final quarter?
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that Hillary's only chance for the nomination would be manipulation of the rules and a few underhanded tricks to get delegates. The nomination is all Barack's for the taking. No foot in mouth and Denver's party is all yours.
No need for endorsements in order to sure the nomination up. Even if Gov. Dean, Nobel Prize winner Al Gore and Speaker Nancy Pelosi all announced for Hillary tomorrow, it's not going to change the committed delegates. Barack is the one.
Edwards support was being withheld for who knows what reasons. Obama and Edwards seem to be seeing eye-to-eye on not taking corporate dollars. Obama and Edwards seem to be focused on the change to come and a hope for the future. Clinton was the past and these guys are the future of the party.
So why did Edwards wait until it's almost over before showing his allegiance? He could have come out for the middle class "Joe Sixpack" before the Pennsylvania primary and helped Obama. But no. He could have said something before the primary in his own home state, North Carolina. But no.
He let opportunity after opportunity to endorse Obama go by. But why?
Personally, this attorney known for taking the fight to corporations on behalf of his clients in multi-million dollar cases was … well, chicken. All right, hedging his bets. No, chicken is the better word.
Edwards was afraid that if he chose wrong, he might be eliminated from a cabinet position in a Clinton administration. Edwards, with his late endorsement, showed no guts.
The fighter against corporate interest wanted to wait until the opposition was going to the canvas for the last time before stepping in to offer a blow for the middle class.
The race is over and the endorsement made. I guess all that is left is to see if Barack will reward his Johnny Come Lately friend with a cabinet appointment or second spot.
But I'm not sure what position in the administration can be gutless.

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Mr. Moo is impressed with and wants leaders who have some guts.

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