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And the Winner Is...

by Dear Jon
July 8, 2008

Dear Readers,

As promised, here are the answers to the "Guess the Rest Contest." From Sorts 325 through 340, the following actual letters were ACTUAL Letters in that they came from real readers: Sorts 325, 328, 335, 336.The rest I sent to myself.

If you intend to contest these results, send your protests to Dear Jon using the "Actual Letter" form below. If you want to protest that you did not get a chance to enter, the problem is your own procrastination. This contest was already held over for a week.

And the winner is nobody. Nobody won the free book, which proves how smart I am especially when it comes to disguising myself as a female in print. If you want to argue with me about THAT, you should have entered the contest and proven me wrong. But you can still write to me anyway and argue your case.

We are looking at a late-July, early-August release date. Here is a preview of the cover design. Take a careful look at the barrels in relation to the book's title. If you still don't get it, buy the book anyway.

Dear Jon Book Cover

What a great way to accomplish your Christmas shopping now! What better way to spend your "staycation" time than curled up with the Dear Jon book! Only $8.95 cheap. My royalty per copy won't even pay for a gallon of gas, so it looks like staycation time for me too.

There has been slow action in the reader mail lately. If you want to see a second volume you better start cranking out the questions.

Dear Jon

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