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36 Thoughts on Super Bowl XXXVI
From the game and the players to the ads and the halftime show.

by S.E. Shepherd
February 4, 2002

36 Thoughts on Super Bowl XXXVI_S.E. Shepherd-From the game and the players to the ads and the halftime show. The Super Bowl is always fun, even if the game isn’t that exciting. All the hype and showiness, and especially the commercials, make the Super Bowl one of the most entertaining of shows all year round. So here are my 36 random thoughts and observations on the Super Bowl XXXVI.
  1. Super Bowl starts 18 minutes late because the pre-game show lasts too long. The pre-game is now that important??

  2. The Patriots enter the Super Bowl as a team, no individual introductions. Because there is no “I” in “team.” Gotta kind of like that, though.

  3. With all the salutes to the September 11th tragedy, how apropos that a team named “Patriots” wins the Super Bowl. Thank goodness it wasn’t the New York Jets.

  4. The E*Trade commercial with the monkey wasn’t funny this year. Hopefully though, the commercial will ring true, and that will be the end of this ad campaign. The first one was hilarious, but the idea has run its course.

  5. Britney Spears commercial was good, but over-hyped. Was that really a 90-second commercial? It seemed shorter. And what happened to the years between 1970 and 1989?

  6. Had the St. Louis Rams won, wide receiver Az-Zahir Hakim definitely should have been MVP. He seemed to keep every Rams drive alive.

  7. On his third try, Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe wins his first Super Bowl ring – sitting on the bench!

  8. The Patriots just pounded the Rams! Seemed like every big hit came at the expense of Kurt Warner & Co.

  9. Paul McCartney gets one song, and U2 gets the halftime show?? SIR Paul McCartney?? ONE SONG??

  10. U2 may be one of the most self-righteous bands ever, but their halftime tribute to the September 11th victims was truly moving and powerful.

  11. Paul McCartney was very gracious to talk to the NFL Fox cast and joke around with them, but I could not help but wonder if Paul sat there thinking, “What am I DOING talking to these people?”

  12. Why did they let Terry Bradshaw sing??

  13. The Patriots prove once again the axiom “the best offense is a good defense.”

  14. Why did FOX air the Spiderman movie commercial AFTER the Super Bowl? Oh, well. The movie looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  15. Didn’t see the post game celebrations, but I’ll bet a lot of it went like this, “I’ve been telling these guys all year to never give up, and we never did!” and, “No one believed in us, but we believed in us! And we proved the nay-sayers wrong!”

  16. Beer commercials were generally the most entertaining, especially the Bud Light commercial in the bar; “How much is it going to cost me?”

  17. Call me sentimental, but the commercial with the Clydesdales bowing in New York was also touching. Very moving.

  18. Product endorsement alert! Was NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue paid to be “spotted” drinking Dr. Pepper? Hmmm….

  19. Speaking of spotting people in the crowd, nice to know New York mayor Rudy Guilliani was at the Super Bowl, but were was the mayor of Boston or St. Louis? Or even the governor of Louisiana?

  20. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to win the Super Bowl since Trent Dilfer.

  21. What was the bruise on Kurt Warner’s lip? Did he eat his Chunky © Soup when it was too hot?

  22. Lawyer Milloy and Tyrone Law. The Law was on the Patriots side.

  23. Was there really a question about the Patriots second touchdown? Or did U2 just need some more time to warm up?

  24. Seems like both the Rams and the Patriots burned all their timeouts rather quickly. And is it just me, or did FOX seem to run out of commercials fairly soon?

  25. The M&M commercial with the “chocolate on your pillow” was also good.

  26. How come shows following the Super Bowl always have an “all-star” guest star cast?

  27. Anyone watch the special “Fear Factor” with former Playboy Playmates? No, me neither.

  28. Wow. What a game! What a finish! You may not like the St. Louis Rams, but at least they make Super Bowls interesting.

  29. Cadillacs are now cool cars. They use Led Zeppelin songs in their ads.

  30. Anti-tobacco wastes $6 million to tell us smoking cigarettes is bad. And doing drugs equals an act of terrorism. Wow.

  31. Is it just me, or does Tom Brady look an awful lot like Matt Damon?

  32. Mariah Carey is the only American involved in the Super Bowl festivities. Although she is from New York.

  33. What was the purpose of the police officer introduced with Mariah Carey? What was his function?

  34. Tom Brady is the MVP??

  35. Did the mlife commercials interest anybody?

  36. Goodbye Pat Summerall. Thanks for the many years of broadcasting. What will John Madden do without you?

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