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The Update
Teachings of a Child

by Hal Evan Caplan
November 28, 2010

Hi there…remember me? I'm back. Sorry for the lengthy delay in my return. I actually have some exciting news to share with you, my dedicated readers and fans of the series "Teachings of a Three Year Old" and "The Teachings of a Three Year Old... Turned Tyke." I have been working on a project for a while now and that is... (insert drum role here)... getting the stories published into a book. I'm happy to report that it is done... completed. "The Teachings of a Three Year Old... Turned Tyke" is now available in book form located at the,, and (The real deal is all of these purchases go directly through, just don't tell anyone... it'll be our little secret.) Now there are a hand full of stories published in the book that were never (and will not be) published on the website. I'd say there about (7) stories.

Throughout the stories on Partial Observer, I have mentioned that my teacher gives me "the look". That "look" has been captured on the cover of the book. My teacher was three-years-old at the time of that picture. The three of us were on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida. 
His first reaction to the picture on the cover was, well... let's just say not the reaction I was looking for. It played out a little different in my head. Upon first sight, he demanded that I change the picture. He claimed that he did not approve it and a bunch of time was spent running away from him as he chased me around the house, trying to convince me that I need to use another photo of our cat or something. Now-a-days, it doesn't bother him because of his newly found fame.
I'm sure one question looming around in your head is, "has my teacher read the book or has it been read it to him?" Yes to both. He loves it. Actually, he feels like he is a celebrity or something. A lot of friends and family have expressed that even though it is cool to have my signature in the book, they actually want his even more. I think that it has gone to his head, as he has signed many books now. His signature even has a little "flair" to it and the ink usually runs off of the edge of page when he signs his name. Excuse me, when he signs his "autograph".
So, my teacher told me to tell you, the reader, that if you want a book with his autograph in it, he would be happy to sign one for you. All you would need to do is contact me at and we can work out the details. He's still a little mad that he doesn't have an email account. Since he is famous now, in his head, he is convinced that the need for his own email address is very important. (I'm sure there is a lesson in there somewhere.) Oh, and if you would like me to sign it too, I would be delighted. If you decide you would like to go that route and you do email me, please have the SUBJECT line in the email read "TEACHER AUTOGRAPH". That way it can be our code word and it won't come across as junk or spam email. Otherwise the book can be purchased off one of the websites mentioned. Just in case you missed it,,, (search for Hal Caplan) or
So far the response that I have received on the book has been very positive. Some additional fun news to share... An elementary school principal purchased five copies of "The Teachings of a Three Year Old... Turned Tyke" and placed them in the in the five elementary schools in her district... A learning facility geared to kids and lessons has also purchased a cop to utilize in their program. So, I'm excited about both of those situations!
I'm now starting my second book journey; therefore, my newest set of stories will begin. So, soon you will receive the first installment of lessons learned from my teacher, my child. Appropriately titled... "The Teachings of a Child".
I would be grateful if you, the reader, could help me spread word about the book and let people know that it is a fun and entertaining read. And now for a shameless plug. "Teachings of a Three Year Old... Turned Tyke" would make a wonderful holiday gift.
Thank you and kindest regards,
Hal Evan Caplan

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Look for the book "Teachings of a Three Year Old... Turned Tyke" available at:, and (search for Hal Caplan).

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