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What God Says and Does, I: In the Beginning God
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1)

by Everett Wilson
February 18, 2012

 The first sentence of the Bible affirms that God is.  Then  it declares  that  his first act  was to make  everything else—all that is included in earth and sky: "the heavens and the earth."

 The statement is definitive   in what it includes and what it omits. It includes all that is created; it omits  a description of "where God came  from."

There is no mystery here, no cover-up.  This was the absolute beginning, when there   was nowhere to come from.  "God is" does not refer to the beginning of God,  because God  is the beginning of everything  that is not himself—of what human  philosophy calls  the  "cosmos," the Bible calls the "heavens and the earth," and we call "stuff."

The stuff  and its invisible internal  motion  were simultaneous with its creation.  Time was its consequence, requiring concepts such as then, now, early, late, before, after, development, decay, deterioration.   Atomic speed meant that nothing  stayed the same long enough to be observed and understood; in any case, at the instant of creation  there were as yet no human observers to understand it.   The only Observer was the Doer. Only God, from his eternal vantage point outside of creation,  could comprehend it   

After humans were created, we  learned an awful lot from observing the stuff, its intricate movements, and its relationships within itself; but  we have also been discovering, grudgingly, that   investigation  of existence produces  inference and speculation, no hard data,    about pre-existence. 

So the Bible stays away from that discussion to state, in the indicative mood,  that God created.  The Bible still tells us this, and will keep saying it  to the end of time.  

  "In the beginning God."  Everything follows from that beginning. Keep in mind that our subject is God, not the stuff he created.    It we take "In the beginning God" as it stands and commit  our hearts and minds to follow where it leads, our response will be two-fold, We will conform  to the reality thus created, and we will worship its Creator.

to give and give, and give again,
what God hath given thee;
to spend thyself nor count the cost;
to serve right gloriously
the God who gave all worlds that are,
and all that are to be.

--"Not here for high and holy things"

    By G.A. Studdert-Kennedy

    In  The Oremus Hymnal.


About the Author:

In this series Everett Wilson invites his readers to join in him in a straightforward understanding of  God as the Bible speaks of Him.  Wilson holds advanced degrees in theology from North ParK Theological Seminary and Lutheran Theological Seminary in Canada.  Some of his books are available through Amazon and Amazon Kindle.   

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