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The Doctor is IN!
Column Debut.

by Dr. Spin
April 22, 2002

The Doctor is IN!_Dr. Spin-Column Debut. Hello, loyal and not-so-loyal PO readers! Welcome to the debut of a new column! I am the Dr. Spin, Doctor of Rockology. What makes me a Doctor of Rockology? After studying at a prestigious liberal arts school (who’s name escapes me), and getting my B.A in Twentieth Century Music, I then went on to the Masters program for Rockology, and finally my PhD on my thesis, “The Monkees and Their Musical Influence on the Beatles.” I am fully qualified to answer and address all subjects relating to Rock music, particularly the music between 1964 and 1985, which was the vast majority of my graduate work.

The purpose of this column is to spotlight music you may or may not have heard. There are many bands I’ve listened to and many I have not. I do not comb the dark recesses of sweaty nightclubs, trying to find the newest sensation before they become “big,” nor do I spend hundreds of hours in used record stores, trying to find the bootleg Cramps’ single that only hardcore fans know. Rather I am an average guy who likes music, all kinds of music, with a particular fondness towards Rock. And, of course, I have my degree!

I am also willing to (shudder) give advice and perhaps answer that needless trivia question about your favorite group. I do not know every stat of every band member, or every song of every band that ever recorded. No one has THAT much time to waste. Rather, as Socrates, or someone else unrelated to Rock music once said, “The world’s best teachers are those that are willing to still learn.” I am an expert in the field of Rock ‘n’ Roll music, but by no means the final authority (that would be Rolling Stone magazine).

My column will appear monthly for now, depending on the interest of readers and the willingness for me to actually sit down and write an article every month. With permission of the Webmaster, and apologies to Dear Jon (who came up with the concept first), I give you a form to send me, Dr. Spin, your musical questions. Remember, your questions must be of a MUSICAL NATURE! Anything else should be sent to my good colleague, Dear Jon.

And, please no questions like, “I have this song in my head that goes ‘Dah-dah-dah-DUM, Dah-dah-dah-DUM!’ What is it?” because humming doesn’t translate into print, and even if I could hear you humming it, I wouldn’t know what you were attempting to sing.

See you in 30!

About the Author:
Dr. Spin is a new columnist. His column will appear monthly.

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