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The Speaker Has Little to Say These Days
Here's hoping he finds his voice again soon

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
June 12, 2015

The Speaker Has Little to Say These Days_Greg Asimakoupoulos-Here's hoping he finds his voice again soonHastert the Speaker has dirt in his past.
The Speaker has little to say.
By hushing accusers, the Speaker's been hushed
as he prays that his plight goes away.

We, too, should be praying for one who's been shamed.
The shame that he bears must be great.
His character blemished, his status reduced
not to mention the pain for his mate.

His long-hidden secret no longer is hid.
Once buried, it now is unearthed.
Integrity suffers and trust takes a hit
not to mention the drain to his worth.

Let's hope that the Speaker will soon find his voice
confessing and making amends.
And may we forgive him with grace in our hearts
acknowledging everyone sins.

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