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Deception Can Be Deadly
Lessons from the NAACP leader from Spokane

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
June 19, 2015

She said that she was really black,
but she is very white.
When questioned, Rachel Dolezal turned red.
Embarrassed (yet defiant)
she's transracial (so she claims).
But transparency would help her case instead.

Bill Clinton didn't tell the truth
and Nixon flat out lied.
Lance Armstrong cycled through the facts like dew.
Playing fast-and-loose with details
undermines integrity.
And Eden's Garden proves it's nothing new.

Yes, deception can be deadly.
It can kill more than your job.
It can rob you of the life you love with friends.
When you shade the truth (or bend it),
trust is buried six feet down.
There's a price tag to the game of "Let's Pretend!"

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