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Lost Without a Map
Why ignoring Biblical truth is dangerous

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
July 3, 2015

Lost Without a Map_Greg Asimakoupoulos-Why ignoring Biblical truth is dangerousIt's more than a text book.
It's more like a map
that's guiding the journey we're on.
It points out the dead ends,
and routes to avoid
and detours that keep us from wrong.

But sadly the road map
we’ve followed so long
is being maligned and replaced.
They say it’s not needed,
that all roads lead to
a world where there's no need for grace.

A world where WE choose
what is wrong or what's right
affirming what most think is fair.
We proudly attest
we've at last come of age
believing the road map's in error.

How silly! How foolish
to travel through life
and fly by the seat of our pants.
Discarding the road map
God gave us in love
means leaving our choices to chance.

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