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The Magic Kingdom Turns 60
An anniversary tribute to Disneyland

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
July 17, 2015

Some sixty years ago this week
the mouse that Disney taught to speak
was given room to run around.
Walt called it Disneyland!
It was a park for more than mice.
Both kids and parents were enticed
to fly on Dumbo, ride teacups
and climb Swiss Family's tree.
The happiest place on earth was there!
No trash or litter anywhere.
This land that Disney brought to life
was grand beyond compare.
It pictured Heaven (in a way).
Where animals and people play.
Where old and young feel like they're home.
Where fantasies come true.
It's time to don our Mickey ears
just like Walt's kids, the Mouseketeers.
This Magic Kingdom milestone
invites our childlike praise.

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