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Rock 'n' Roll Girls
Lessons for the all-girl Rock bands.

by Dr. Spin
June 17, 2002

Rock 'n' Roll Girls_Dr. Spin-Lessons for the all-girl Rock bands. Dear Doctor Spin,

I want to start an all-girl rock band. Are there any female groups (past or present) that I should be listening to and learning from?

Rock On

Dear Rock On,

Starting an all-girl rock band is a very noble pursuit. Since the demise of the Go-Gos and the Bangles, there has certainly been a void of all-girl rock bands. I’m assuming you want to pursue this type of all-girl band (the type that play their own instruments) rather than the Spice Girls, in which case you should read my previous column where I addressed how to be a Top 40 star.

If you’re looking for a role model for your band, then I would definitely recommend listening and learning to the above bands, as well as the Pretenders, and any band that has a female lead vocalist. But any band you admire, whether it be all-girl, mixed, or all-guy, should be the influence of your musical style.

As for how to act, I would highly recommend watching VH1’s “Behind the Music” episodes involving the Go-Gos and the Bangles. Listen very carefully, take notes, and do NOT do anything they did! Especially take note on the in-fighting of both bands. All-guy bands have in-fighting as well, but it’s very different.

In-fighting in guy bands usually revolves around creative control, drug-abuse, money, and management decisions. In-fighting in most girl bands revolves around creative control, drug abuse, money, management decisions, and because the PRETTY ONE IS GETTING ALL THE ATTENTION!!! Do not be jealous because the pretty one is getting all the attention. Guy bands never have to worry about the pretty one getting all the attention because there are no good-looking guys in rock ‘n’ roll bands. The only reason guys form bands (and the major reason why a guy does anything) is to get chicks. Good-looking guys do not need to form bands to get chicks. Ugly guys form bands because they know it’s the ONLY WAY they can get chicks. Think anyone would sleep with Keith Richards if he worked at a deli?

In conclusion, take your musical influence from the bands you admire the most, and don’t let jealousies of the pretty one split you apart. Acknowledge that one of you will be singled out as “the pretty one,” and accept the fact that she will get most of the attention, regardless of her actual role in the band.

If you happen to be “the pretty one,” downplay the attention as much as possible. Insist that you are a band first, and that all magazine and album covers must be group photos. And don’t listen to anyone who tells you you are the most talented, the others are holding you back, you should be a solo artist, etc. If it’s a guy, most likely he just wants to sleep with you.

About the Author:
Dr. Spin wanted to be in an all-girl band, but he settled for being an all-girl band groupie.

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