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by Casey White
October 31, 2002

Shalloween_Casey White- Halloween. What a strange holiday. I'm seeing more and more people decorate their homes, yards, and trees with skeletons, replica grave markers, and ghosts or goblins of various types. I'm seeing whole sections of the local hardware store dedicated to Halloween, similar to the way it looks for Christmas lights and decorations. I'm quite sure we spend more as a country to celebrate Halloween than we do to celebrate Memorial Day or July 4th.

"Trick or treat!" It's one of my favorite lines from the movie, "Searching for Bobby Fischer." But on October 31st, I believe the background flavor of that line is to extort the people of homes you visit for a candy treat, else you might pull a trick on them. Answering my door in the past, I have even implored my visiting Princesses and Pirates to say the phrase, lest they forget their Halloween "manners." I'm afraid the treat is fairly well assumed. But I think the ones who should say 'thank you' are the people who own the candy factories!

I'm all set for Halloween tonight. I have purchased a Yoda mask, and plan to sit out on the porch of my house and wait for young 'uns to ring the door bell. At that point, I will come to life and say, "You seek candy... take you to it, I will." And if they have swords or light sabers, I shall say, "Away with your weapons, I mean you no harm!" And my best line, as I hand out my $30 worth of treats over two hours, "Candy leads to sugar. Sugar leads to cavities. Cavities lead to suffering, and suffering leads to the dark side." Well, I at least plan to have some fun with this shallow hollow day. Still a kid at heart.

Best part: As I explained my Halloween costume and script plans to a 6th grade boy at a birthday party two weeks ago, he got so excited about my fun plans that he offered me his toy light saber to have at my side, as well as gloves to match what Yoda's hands might look like. He unhesitantly gave me these items with no thought other than to make it better and to help me out. So I am gladly using these items to enhance my porch show tonight, but it won't be the joy of giving candy that I'll remember. It will be the joy in a 6th grader's eyes for making a contribution... his contribution. Not so shallow after all.

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