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Thanks for Strangers

by Casey White
November 28, 2002

Thanks for Strangers_Casey White- I was shopping in the housewares section of a large department store yesterday, and the boxed item I wanted was on the top shelf, and much higher than I could easily reach. A second box of the same type was stacked on top, and it appeared that if I took the more reachable one, that I would topple the stack.

Behind me a voice said, "Go ahead - you get your item, and I'll catch the top one if it falls." I turned around, and here was a kind, smiling gentleman in his mid-fifties. He was just a normal guy, with glasses and thining, dark hair. His voice was reassuring, and his eyes were kind. I accepted his offer, and then, on my tip-toes, I managed to get the item without creating an avalanche.

A simple and quick moment, really. But with all of the terrorists, murderers, and snipers in the news this past year, it was good to be reminded that strangers can still turn out to be good. In fact, most people are good, for which we can all be truly thankful.

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