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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
How to thin out your music collection.

by Dr. Spin
January 13, 2003

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow_Dr. Spin-How to thin out your music collection. Dear Dr. Spin,

Because I have to move soon, I figure I should do some general purging. So I'm asking how many CD's an intelligent rock music fan of eclectic tastes (appreciating not only different rock styles, but other kinds of music) should own. 50? 200? 2000?


Dear Moving,

I am absolutely the wrong person to ask about purging music collections. I still own LP’s, some of which I have on CD, even though I no longer own a record player (or turntable, if you prefer). I do plan to purchase a new record player, as soon as the Webmaster gives me my Christmas bonus (ha ha!)

If you really feel the need to purge your music collection, I would suggest setting a number (say, about half of your collection and rounding up to the nearest 10) and pulling aside that many CDs. This will force you to decide which CDs you really like, and which you can live without. If you find you set your number too low, add 10 more, until you finally come to a number you can live with.

If you find you can’t live without any of your CDs, then you either have too few CDs or some serious separation issues; in which case you should talk to Dear Jon and not me.

Let me conclude on this subject by stating that I probably still own about 20 CDs I should have gotten rid of long ago. Any CD that’s been in your collection over 10 years without being listened to probably doesn’t belong there anymore.

Dear Dr. Spin,

Should the Bee Gees be considered an English band or an Australian band?

Disco Stu

Dear Stu,

Your question is a valid one as the Gibb brothers were born and raised in Manchester, England. Their family moved to Australia when oldest brother Barry was in his early teens. The Bee Gees began their musical careers in Australia, and youngest brother Andy (who was not part of the Bee Gees) was born and raised in Australia. Yet initially, the Bee Gees strived for a very “British Invasion” sound (it was the late ‘60’s).

I think most people associate the Bee Gees as Australian, so we can blame Disco on Australia, but if someone wants to claim they’re English that’s fine by me as well.

Author's Note: My article was written before the untimely death of Maurice Gibb. All kidding aside, the Bee Gees were a talented act, and fans of the Bee Gees and the music industry in general will miss the gifts of this talented man. My condolences to the Gibb family and Bee Gee fans around the world.

About the Author:
Dr. Spin never had to get rid of his Bee Gees CDs, because he never owned any.

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