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A Norman Rockwell Moment

by Casey White
January 23, 2003

A Norman Rockwell Moment_Casey White- Every once in a while, I see something that brings me back to those covers on the Saturday Evening Post. Norman Rockwell always was able to somehow find those perfect ways of telling an endearing story with a simple hand-drawn image. These sketched moments evoked American spirit and family warmth.

I saw a moment like this while riding along to work in my car. A school bus was coming down the road, and its lights were flashing yellow. Most take that as a sign to speed up before the stop sign swings out and the red lights flash, but I stopped anyway, because a Norman Rockwell moment was in the making.

At the stop where the school bus was about to pick up its next student, a mom was in her robe with a winter coat around her, but not zipped up. She was bent down to hug her 7 year old dark-haired son, whose cheeks were red from the wind chill, and whose eyes were red from crying. Torn between his mom's understanding touch and a bus of other children, who would undoubtedly be peering out the windows, the boy looked up at his mom, then at the bus, pulled away from his mom slightly, and then swooped in for a final hug before the bus stopped.

I'll never know what the boy was crying about, or whether any other student on the bus mocked him, but I do know he will benefit in his life from having a caring mom - one who will wear her bedclothes out in freezing weather to comfort her hurting son, and to send him off to the world with a hug.

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