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A Royal Shaft
Prince Harry and Meghan make waves

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
March 12, 2021

That interview we watched last week
gave us an unexpected peek
at what it's like at Buckingham
behind the drapes and doors.

While Meghan dished on what she'd faced,
Prince Harry claimed he'd been disgraced.
They gave low marks to Britain's best.
It was a royal shaft.

As Oprah quizzed the royal pair,
A royal tension filled the air.
The Sussex twosome spoke quite frank
of Windsor woes and more.

They spilled the beans ‘bout racial hate
that hides behind the Palace gate.
They candidly confessed their pain
while honoring the Queen.

Diana's youngest boy (now grown)
compared his plight to what she'd known.
A frenzied state of constant stress
that's governed by "The Firm."

So what is false? And what is true?
What claims are old? Which ones are new?
I wonder if the monarchy
can weather such a storm?

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