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Furrowed Brow

by Casey White
February 20, 2003

Furrowed Brow_Casey White- At the one-year anniversary of People Watch, I'm going to depart from my typical article on the everyday people of life, and focus on this picture of our President, George W. Bush. No matter what one's political feelings and leanings may be, this picture is a reminder of the full weight of issues that our Commander in Chief currently carries.

I notice, as do many, how even after two years, our President, like so many before him, has much more gray hair than he did when he entered the office. I notice the additional wrinkles, especially the deep ones that run across his forehead above his eyebrows. I notice the glassy look in his eyes, that combination of resolve and near-tears. I notice the frustration in his downward, tight-lipped frown... a frustration from being caught between the opinions of so many who don't know nearly all of the real truth behind the issues they see and hear in the news. He knows. And he has a furrowed brow.

I see a man who has been surprised by the heavy mantle of the office he had fought for years to win. I see a man who wonders why he has inherited the deep issues of terror and war, with weapons that have such devastating potential, and from enemies whose ideaologies are unreasonable and whose thirst for violence is unquenchable. He's a man whose post-election fight over the Florida election poll results, and the subsequent assumption of Presidential power, may now seem like a hollow victory. The "Leader of the Free World" may now feel like Atlas himself, with the entire world upon his shoulders.

As we contemplate the coming weeks, and all of the potential decisions that lie ahead, our President has asked for prayer. And, no matter what one's political feelings and leanings may be, one can realize the awful stress and strain laid upon one man, one human man. And one can pray for him. And for our nation. And for the world.

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