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These Questions Are Fogging Up My Eyes
Dr. Spin focuses in on some suspect lyrics.

by Dr. Spin
April 7, 2003

These Questions Are Fogging Up My Eyes_Dr. Spin-Dr. Spin focuses in on some suspect lyrics. Dear Dr. Spin,

What is Ray Davies actually singing in the Kinks song "Apeman?" I just want to be sure I'm hearing the lyric right.

Questioning Content

Dear Quest,

According to the lyrics printed in my copy of Lola Versus Powerman and the Money-go-round, Part One, the words to “Apeman” are “the air pollution is fogging up my eyes.” Some listeners think Ray Davies is singing a different word, one unprintable on this website, and that actually led to the song being banned from play on many radio stations. Strange that eight years later the Who’s “Who Are You” did get plenty of airplay and still does, even though Roger Daltrey clearly drops the f-bomb in that song.

Another interesting note about Lola; there are actually two versions of the song “Lola.” The album version contains the words “Coca-Cola,” but because that was seen as some sort of unauthorized product endorsement, on the single version (played more on the radio) the lyric was changed to “cherry cola.”

Dear Doctor Spin,

Is Michael Jackson really singing “You’re a vegetable/and they hate you/ ‘cause you’re a vegetable” in the song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?” What the hell does that mean?

B. Jean

Dear Jean,

The actual lyrics are, “You're a vegetable, you're a vegetable/Still they hate you, you're a vegetable/You're just a buffet, you're a vegetable/They eat off of you, you're a vegetable.” What that means, I have no idea, though it does make me believe that Jackson wigged out long before we ever suspected.

Dear Dr. Spin,

Where can I find the Kinks’ “What I Like About You?” I have searched their entire catalog, but can’t find it. Was this song not released on an album? I can’t even find it on their greatest hits!

Song Searcher

Dear Dumb-dumb,

The reason you cannot find the Kinks’ “What I Like About You” is because they never recorded it. That song was written and performed by members of a band called the Romantics. The Kinks are a sixties band from England; the Romantics are an eighties band from Ohio. While the Romantics biggest hit was “What I Like About You,” they also had a few minor hits, “Talking In You Sleep” and “One In A Million.”

Dr. Spin,

I’ve been looking for the Counting Crows version of “Hard to Handle” for some time now. What album is that on?


Dear Dude,

Like the person above, you have mixed up your bands. To the best of my knowledge, the Counting Crows never played or recorded “Hard to Handle,” that would be the Black Crowes. The Counting Crows (do crows count?) are a nineties band from California; the Black Crowes are a nineties band from Georgia. The Counting Crows’ hits are “Mr. Jones,” “Long December,” and “Hangin’ Around.”

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Dr. Spin knows he's not a vegetable. He's not too sure about Michael Jackson, though.

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