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Freedom & Happiness

by Casey White
April 14, 2003

Freedom & Happiness_Casey White- The news coverage this past week has been engaging. A people have been freed from tyranny, and the Iraqi faces show joy and tears in the liberation from a quarter century of oppression. Suddenly, a man whose name was something the Iraqi people feared to utter, and whose image has been plastered and bronzed around the nation, has become a name to curse, and an image to stamp upon.

I struggled over which photo to use for this special edition of People Watch. One of them that caught my eye was a picture of a United States Marine handing out little U.S. flag pins to outstretched Iraqi hands. The face that prompted my attention was the Marine's. He was smiling from ear to ear. His fatigues demonstrated weeks of hard fought battles, and his eyes demonstrated a deep happiness in helping to bring freedom to the lighthearted people in front of him.

Of course, there was also the photo of young men jubilantly jumping up and down on that large statue pulled down in the middle of Baghdad. The ones doing the jumping had spent their entire lives under a leader that had threatened, killed, and butchered their friends, neighbors, and relatives - those who had dared to protest.

But I chose this photo, because it shows Iraqi children, giddy in their joy. They may not know the extent of evil that has been inflicted on their parents, and they may not know the hard path to a democratized society, nor the responsibility that freedom will demand of them, but they do know that a bully has been removed. And they are free. And very happy.

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