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A Tax System in One Page and Under Two Hours
Congress Could Do It in a Week.

by Barnabas
April 23, 2003

A Tax System in One Page and Under Two Hours_Barnabas-Congress Could Do It in a Week.
The IRS prints at least 1,101 publications, forms, and instructions. added up the length of these documents at NTU’s request and found that they contained 16,339 pages, up from 943 documents with 12,933 pages just 2 years ago. —National Taxpayers Union, April 14
James Leroy Wilson thinks taxation itself is a bad deal, but I am more sanguine about paying taxes. What drives me up the wall is the outlandish system that governs their collection. I don’t know which is more absurd, the runaway bureaucracy of the IRS or the way we put up with it. To make the collection of taxes a major industry, as we have done, is probably the silliest accomplishment of the American government.

Based on a quick perusal of the statistics, let’s say that 40,000,000 Americans, out of 300,000,000 or so by 2006, will be living in poverty as defined by the government. Let’s also posit that the federal government should be able to get by on two trillion dollars in that fiscal year, and that per capita income will hover about where it is now, around $31,000.

The tax required by the government to meet its needs, when divided among the remaining 260,000,000 who are able to pay at least some tax, is $7700 or so per person. (not household).

Taxpayers share the tax burden as follows: You pay, not for as many persons as you personally support, but for as many as you earn income for (even fractions of persons) in the tax-paying public. If you earn around $93,000 gross, you pay for three people because you have income for three, no matter how many or few you personally support. If you earn around $31 million, you pay for a thousand. You will not have the recourse of diddling the government by playing with the collection system. or of lobbying the government to your own advantage. Nobody has an advantage. These are dues to pay. There are no deductions for your support of the goverrnment, any more than the landlord lowers your rent because you give a lot to charity or to the doctor.

There are also no corporate taxes and no refunds. This plan is simple enough to get right the first time.

If you are self-employed, of course the costs of your business or profession, greatly simplified from the current system, are not income and you must show your figures to demonstrate your honest income. If you are caught in an audit, you bear the expense of the audit and whatever criminal penalties may apply. If you are innocent of wrongdoing, the government will recompense you for the time and inconvenience of the audit.

If the federal budget is too high, elect a more efficient Congress and President.

A realistic tax rebellion is not in refusing to pay. We have to pay. But if we give a deadline after which we will refuse to file, say in 2006, the government may finally get a clue as to how fed up we are with the current system. that the current system of collection is incredibly wasteful and stupid. Just think of all the people now employed in the tax industry who could get productive jobs!

So send me an invoice, Uncle Sam, for the goods and services you have properly rendered. (Tax collecting is definitely not one of them.)

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