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National Turn-Off-Your-TV Week
A belated notice.

by Mark D. Johnson
April 25, 2003

National Turn-Off-Your-TV Week_Mark D. Johnson-A belated notice. This week has been National Turn-Off-Your-TV Week, during which the American public is encouraged to leave the television off or at least cut back on viewing and pick up a book, spend time outside, and generally discover what you've been missing while wasting time watching the likes of "Joe Millionaire."

I'm a little late in informing you of this nation-wide event, but really, you could conduct the experiment during any week you like. I happen to be on vacation this week, so my viewing has indeed been cut back, but I'm hoping I programmed my VCR right. Many of you will choose to have close to a television-free summer. Summer is a great time to take a break from TV -- this summer in particular, when no less than two dozen new reality shows will clutter the schedule.

Thursday of this week marked the beginning of the annual "May Sweeps," during which the networks air their best stuff in effort to grab the biggest piece of the ratings pie. Lots of hype. Lots of can't-miss season finales.

One show of note is Sunday's Hallmark Presentation on CBS, "A Painted House," based on John Grisham's best-selling semi-autobiographical novel (9 PM EDT). Grisham is said to be very happy with the movie adaptation.

It's back to vacation for me. Someone let me know when it's National Turn-Off-Your-Computer Week.

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