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by Casey White
April 28, 2003

Married_Casey White- I had occasion to attend a wedding on Saturday, and it was a fine event. The weather was perfect. The crowd was big. Bride and groom were both well-supported with family and friends. The worship service and meditation were inspiring, and the reception was well-appointed, well-fed, and well-spoken. Just as the photographer was snapping her many stills to memorialize the day, I was also taking mental snapshots:

Click. A young 4 year old girl was hanging on and swaying on the black metal candle-holder at the end of her pew. Her grandmother, just beside, paid no attention to the potential danger, nor to the occasional head- popping into the middle aisle, right during the solemn promises.

Click. A couple in their mid-forties observing the ceremony... they look into each others' eyes, remembering their special day. A smile on their faces. A knowing glance.

Click. The wedded couple greets hundreds of well-wishers as they leave the church, row by row. Both smiling. Both greeting. These are people they know and love, but somehow it is all different now. Do I notice a little nervousness in their chatter? Am I seeing a twinge of disbelief, as they realize: 1 hour ago they were single, and now they are bonded to one another? Was it really that simple, that fast?

Click. The groom's parents are participating in the reception dance, holding one another close as they celebrate the end of an era. Both of their children now married, they look backward on all of the years of school, new shoes, basketball games, and worrying about and teaching their kids. They now look ahead: Will they have grandchildren to spoil? Will they be giving advice on house-buying, on parenting, on how to make a good marriage? With their eyes closed, they enjoy the moment, and they keep on dancing.

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