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Fanny Pack

by Casey White
June 9, 2003

Fanny Pack_Casey White- There's just something about a fanny pack. Probably the funniest thing is that most people do not wear them on their fannies. They wear them on their bellies. So, imagine the entertainment value of the woman coming down the aisle on a flight from Detroit to Minneapolis. She boarded the plane with her light blue vinyl fanny pack, neatly strapped around her waist, and riding high on her belly. My first thought was that this was a substitute purse for airplane trips. Oh wait, she has a purse. And a satchel of some kind. And a carry-on with wheels. Let me re-state that she needed extra room for her stuff, and therefore, had a fanny pack. On her belly.

Now, imagine my joy at finding that she was not only a ticket holder for a seat on my aisle (I had the window seat,) but that her boarding pass put her in the middle seat right next to me. "Hi, I'm Casey... nice fanny pack." No.... just kidding... I didn't say that.

With much commotion, she placed her satchel and purse on the middle seat while she situated her carry-on in the overhead compartments. With additional effort, she scooted the satchel and purse under the seat in front of her. I thought the fanny pack would be going there, too, or perhaps into the little pouch under the tray table, but no... she left it on, and buckled her seatbelt underneath it. OK... it's making sense now. It just wouldn't work to buckle-in with the pack on your fanny. I get it.

Well, now, it would take quite some time to go through, step by step, the number of times she had to unzip her fanny pack for the various items she needed during flight. There were tissues. There were lozenges. There were candy bars that came in handy when she didn't like the granola snack. Now, these things could all have been in the purse. Or the satchel. But why do that when you can have your important items so much more accessible? We should all take a lesson from the kangaroo. Function over fashion. It just makes sense. Just make sure you take your nail-clippers out before going through flight security.

About the Author:
Disclaimer/Confession: I own a fanny pack, and have been known to use it on occasion when traveling by canoe while tent-camping in Minnesota's northern wilderness Boundary Waters. It is technically a camping fanny pack, and is made of durable green canvas, with black and tan trim. I was also seen wearing it once at a theme park. That was a mistake. I haven't worn it for over two years, but when I have worn it, it has been on my fanny. Currently, I use it to store my shaver, toothbrush, and toothpaste while on trips. The next time I wear it, I'll be feeling a bit like a hip-ocrite.

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