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Baseball & Apple Pie?

by Casey White
July 21, 2003

Baseball & Apple Pie?_Casey White- I went to a youth rec-league championship baseball game this afternoon. Due to arriving a bit late, I missed all the front row spots, and I had to set my lawn chair in back of a family with four lawn chairs - the canvas type that folds and carries easily. After sitting for a minute or two, I became aware that the family occupying them were rooting for the opposing team and had set up shop in opposition territory. "Yet, it's nice to see a family out to support the game," I thought. Baseball, apple pie, and good ol' American values. However, after some time, I began to rethink what values the typical American has these days...

The father was on the left, and was wearing a white Evinrude cap, and had on a sleeveless white shirt that said, "Born to be Wild" on the back. He was mid-forties, greying, had mod, dark sunglasses that curved around his brow, and had a substantial paunch, and a slim, fold-out cell phone.

The mom was next, with dark, curly hair. She was quite talkative, and had a deep, throaty laugh. She was carrying on a conversation with another couple to the left of her husband. Her dark sunglasses were had large lenses.

Daughter was next. Likely 18 years old. She had long, brown hair which had many blond streaks of hair lightened throughout. Her tight, black, sleeveless top left lots of open space in the midriff down to her low-rider, flare-legged, blue jeans. Her black open-toed sandals had three inch heels. Think Britney Spears.

Daughter's boyfriend was on the right. No doubt 19 years old, baseball cap backwards, he had reddish hair sideburns and wore an earring on his left ear. Though it was very warm today, he was also in long blue jeans.

It became obvious that there was a young son who was participating in the baseball game.

After some cheering for her brother's team, the daughter took out her Camels and lit up a cigarette. The boyfriend also started smoking, and then the mom joined in. The dad jokingly made a comment at one point to the daughter's boyfriend... something like, "You are bound and determined to get that $150. ticket for not having a license, aren't you?" The boyfriend must have done something to loose his driver's license, because he was muttering his response, and shaking his head. Dad spoke up again, "Well... if you get stopped, just say you just lost it yesterday."

Baseball games haven't changed much, but those old-fashioned values are shifting considerably.

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Casey White will be filing one more People Watch on August 4th, and then will be taking some time off from contributing to The Partial Observer.

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