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Before I Get Old
Dr. Spin refuses to grow up.

by Dr. Spin
September 8, 2003

Before I Get Old_Dr.Spin-Dr. Spin refuses to grow up Dear Dr. Spin,

Recently I heard the song “Down on the Corner” by Johnny Marr and the Healers, but it sounds nothing like CCR’s “Down on the Corner. Also, Garbage’s “Stupid Girl” is completely different from the Rolling Stones’ version. What gives with these horrible remakes?

Running for Cover

Dear Cover,

The songs you listed above are not remakes. Just because two rock bands record a song with the same title does not make them the same song. While it may be a bit confusing, do not assume that just because the song has the same title it is the same song. Personally, I like all four of the songs you mentioned.

Where can I download iTune for a Mac OS 9.0?


Dear Bob,

I have just looked over the iTunes requirements on Unfortunately it looks like you need to have Mac OS X 10.1.5 or better to use iTunes. I am no computer expert, so you may want to contact someone at Apple to see if it’s possible to use iTunes with OS 9.0.

Dr. Spin,

Do you think the Who really meant it when they sung “hope I die before I get old” in “My Generation?”

Aging fan

Dear aging,

At the time yes. In the late sixties, when the members of the Who were in their early twenties, I believe they felt the same invulnerability all youth do, and felt the older generation sucked. They did not want to become the oppressive, looking-down-on everything adults that seemed to run the world around them.

Is it ironic that Roger Daultrey is still singing “hope I die before I get old” at age 60? Perhaps to a degree, but I like to believe that the line still embodies the same sentiment. Being “old” is not about your age but how you act; if the things the “old” do still look “awful cold,” then I agree with the Who, then I don’t want to become a stuffy, self-righteous, oppressive old person either.


How come Aerosmith’s only number one hit was that crappy song from “Armageddon,” one they didn’t even write?


Dear Smitty,

How come Steve Miller’s only number one is “Abracadabra,” which isn’t even on his “Greatest Hits” package (which is ironically one of the best selling albums of all time)? I cannot fathom the public’s buying patterns. It is why boy bands are popular, why we have “American Idol,” and why Cher and Kiss still haven’t ended their “farewell tour.”

Perhaps “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” appealed to enough non-Aerosmith fans that it became number one, despite many die-hards Aerosmith fans considering it one of their worst songs.

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Dr. Spin hopes he dies before he gets I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.

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