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Lifelong Marlins Fans Finally Realize Dream
Too young to remember the “Miracle of ’97,” fans revel in the Series of ‘03.

by Essie McShepherd
October 18, 2003

Lifelong Marlins Fans Finally Realize Dream_Essie McShepherd-Too young to remember the “Miracle of ’97,” fans revel in the Series of ‘03 MIAMI, FL (PO) - After a lifetime of heartache for 4-year-old Joey Santo, the Florida Marlins are finally in the World Series.

“My dad says the Marlins were in the World Series in 1997, but I wasn’t even borned yet,” explains Santo.

11-year-old Kevin Sako talks of the disappointment of the lean years. “When the Marlins won the Series in 1997, I was really excited, but I was really young. Then they didn’t go [to the Series] for a long time. But now they’re in it again and I’m happy.”

Sako added that now that he’s older, he feels he can appreciate the significance much more. But he adds he still has fond memories of the ’97 victory. “I got to stay up late because the Marlins won. And everyone was like, ‘Yeah, the Marlins won!’ and I was like all happy because we beat the Indians, and we were the champs!”

When asked if he thought it was fair that the Marlins got to go to the World Series twice while the Chicago Cubs haven’t gone in 58 years, Joey Santo replied, “I don’t know. I wasn’t borned back then.”

“I don’t think it’s fair that the Cubs and Cub fans have waited so long, but I’m still glad the Marlins are going,” offered 9-year-old Kylie Smith, “I would be sad if the Marlins didn’t make it.”

“I was alive when the Marlins went in ’97, but I really don’t remember it,” reflected 8-year-old Alice Keeler, “I wasn’t like, into baseball like I am now.” Her friend, Jenny Brooks, 7, added, “I was a baby then, so that Series really doesn’t count.”

Not so, says 13-year-old Kyle Larsen, “When I was born, Florida didn’t even have a baseball team. The Marlins were the first team I ever watched, so it was cool when they went to the World Series in 1997. I was young enough to believe they would do that every year. Now I know that doesn’t happen. I’m just glad they’re in it again.”

“I can’t imagine waiting 58 years for the Marlins to win a World Series,” Larsen added, speaking on the Marlins last foe, the Cubs, “I mean six years seems like a long time. 58 years is older than my dad.”

When asked if he would still be loyal to the Marlins for 58 years, even if they never made it to the World Series, the young Santo replied, “I want a cookie.”

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