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The Pope's Curtain Call
Reflections on the Pontiff's 25th Anniversary.

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
October 24, 2003

The Pope's Curtain Call_Greg Asimakoupoulos-Reflections on the Pontiff's 25th Anniversary One last curtain call
for the one called John Paul
who for twenty-five years has been Pope.
From his Vatican perch
he has guided his church
while preventing his priests to elope.
And though he's been weak
and unable to speak,
this Pole's been a measuring rod.
He's a ruler whose aim
is to keep rules the same
when some players attempt to play God.
Though he looks dead, he aint.
He made Terry a saint.
He still has some Poping to do.
Till the Lord calls him home,
there is no place like Rome.
After all, John Paul's room has a view.

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