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Dear Senator Kerry
A right to choose parable.

by James Leroy Wilson
February 5, 2004

Dear Senator Kerry_James Leroy Wilson-A Right to Choose Parable Dear Senator Kerry,

Please help me. I am eleven years old. President Bush sent my big brother to Iraq. He is in the National Guard. He says he didn’t think he’d have to go to other places but just help out when there were emergencies at home. Americans are dying in Iraq. President Bush wants to keep my brother in Iraq. If I can get my mom and grandma to vote for you, will you bring my brother home? My mom told me you battled the Vietnam War. War is a bad thing. I bet if you were allowed to go home, you would. Please stop the war in Iraq and bring my brother home. He helps me practice my hitting and catching for baseball and he’s good to me and I miss him very much. I don’t remember my Dad and my grampa is dead and my uncle lives five hundred miles away. So I need my big brother here.

I write to you, Mr. Senator, because I heard that you are beating all the Democrats who want to beat President Bush. And I heard you want the right to choose.

That’s good, because I feel the right to choose is good too. I heard my mom to say to grandma when they didn’t see me because I was in the other room that she wished she could take us out of the schools we were in. By us I mean me and my sister whose in the seventh grade and mean to me and my big sister who is a junior in high school and is sometimes mean to me but not as much. And sometimes they are mean to Mom and sometimes Mom yells back at them but Mom tries hard and I think she loves them and they probably love her back. When we younger, they used to be real nice to me and Mom.

Mom said to Grandma that what we kids were learning in school wasn’t the same as what she wanted us to learn at home and church and she didn’t no what to do. She said she knew that pear pressure was having a bad influence on the girls especially. She said she wished she had the money to sent us to private school. She also said that she even wished that her boss got a bigger tax cut because then maybe he could give her a raise.

She also said she new she wasn’t paying as much taxes as a lot of people. But she also said that taxes didn’t do any good except put Jeff whose my big brother I talked about before into a stupid war and pay for schools that are turning her younger kids into rebels, or rabbles. I don’t really know what Mom actually said. or what she means. But she said rebels or rabbles. I didn’t understand what Mom said after but it seemed like she was afraid Id be as much trouble to her in a couple of years as my sisters are now.

My Mom wants the choice to send me and my sisters to the schools my mom wants if she could afford them if there were no taxes. Mr. Senator Kerry, will you take away the taxes from my mom and maybe even from her boss too so she can get a bigger raise?

Also, my grandma whose the one my mom talked to when I listened in talked about the pains from her cancer and that she was told that there was something that might help her feel better but was against the law. And that she was ashamed for even saying in front of her own daughter whose my mom because all the times grandma scolded my mom about it when my mom was a teenager.

But I don’t want my grandma to be ashamed or arrested for breaking the law because she took something that made her feel better. I kind of remember her before she got sick and I know she wont be like that again I just want her to feel better. Mr. Senator Kerry you say you want us to have the right to choose so will you let my grandma get the medicine to make her feel better? I mean, can you make it that she wont have to break the law to feel better?

So if you bring my brother home and take away my moms taxes and let grandma get the medicine to make her feel better because you are for the right to choose then I will make sure that mom and grandma will vote for you and my brother if he’s allowed and my biggest sister if she’s old enough.

Dear Senator Kerry it took me a long time to right this letter because everyone gets only so much time on the computer and I’m slow typing on the keyboard and not a good speller and had to find out how to spell the word I wanted from the spell check. I cant go back and change my letter now that it took all week to write to find just the right words.

But I just found out that even though you want to beat Bush, you want to keep my brother in Iraq too. And that there’s something you want to force every kid in called national service where you can put my biggest sister in Iraq or somewhere else she doesn’t want to be. And that my other sister and me will also have to follow your orders just in order to get out of hi school.

I thought you were against the war and for the right to choose and that President Bush was for the war and against the right to choose. When I started my letter which I put in a lot of time and work in I wished that it might help you to beat President Bush. But my mom found out that I wanted you to win and said some things and mom’s friend was in the same room and made fun of my mom and said my mom was turning into a cynic. Later when my mom was out of the room I asked my moms friend what a cynic was and how to spell it and I’m not sure I understand it but maybe I am a cynic just like my mom. Because you say you are for the freedom to choose and mad at Bush for the war, but I don’t see how anything you would do would change anything for my family except maybe having my sisters and me join my brother not here at home but in Iraq as soldiers along with him.

All I know is I want Jeff home and my sisters to be happy and my mom to be happy and my grandma to not be so sick. I blamed President Bush for hurting my family. But the more I hear and read, it seems like you would hurt my family just as bad and maybe even worse.

So before I go ahead and say I support you I want to know, when you say you are for the right to choose, what you mean when you say it because maybe it isn’t what I thought it means. And I thought that if you were mad at President Bush for the war that you wanted to end the war but maybe you don’t and I don’t know which so maybe you can explain that too.

I can’t vote, but maybe I can get my family except for the sister whose only thirteen to vote for you. But I want to know what you want to do first because I thought I understand but now I don't. So please tell me and best of luck in your campaign.


Jimmy Lee

Chicago, IL

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