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The editor fields your web design questions.
November 13, 2000
Dr. Laura's Moral Dilemma
Relentless attack by gay rights activists is unjustified.
November 11, 2000
'Boston Public': Life at David E. Kelley High
Teachers, students, and sometimes the writer, cross the line in a strong new drama on Fox.
November 1, 2000
Keeping the Timberwolves Caged
The Joe Smith fiasco has this Minnesota fan howling in disgust.
November 1, 2000
'Peter Gunn' Revisited
The classic Mancini soundtrack is still hip after all these years.
November 1, 2000
TV's 'Ed'
Why NBC's biggest new hit is a success.
October 28, 2000
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Author Bio:  Mark D. Johnson
Mark D. Johnson is the founder, editor, and webmaster of The Partial Observer. He wrote commentary on the television industry for the PO during the 2002-03 season. He was once an active jazz musician, but kept his day job, and now observes the world primarily from his home in Virginia, where he lives with his wife Laurel and newborn son Lukas. A native of Jamestown, New York, he has also lived in Chicago and St. Paul.

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» mdjohnsonArt.com

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Latest showdown prompts formation of decency panel.
February 27, 2001
Good Mob, Bad Mob
The art of the flash mob: an amusing concept easily ruined.
September 24, 2003
Classical Currents: An Interview with Jonathan D. Kramer
A discussion of the state of classical music in America and contemporary composition.
January 9, 2004
Pizza Hut Goes Deep
Chicago-style pizza is finally available nationwide. But is it authentic?
October 1, 2002
The Destiny of Michael Essany
Young host pursues late night talk show dream.
April 11, 2003

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