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A Message from Dear Jon
August 9, 2001
Voodoo Rock 'N' Roll
Dear Jon and Jon Deer reach The Virginia Compromise.
August 6, 2001
Getting Ahead in Life
Coming to you direct from the PO world headquarters in Virginia...
August 2, 2001
Juveniles and Males: Is There a Difference?
Dear Jon shares his wisdom in a special article.
July 30, 2001
Silver Screen Dropout
Plus: A thumbs down in advance for George Lucas.
July 26, 2001
Actual Letters from Actual Women
Getting your boyfriend to stop saying 'dude'
July 23, 2001
A literal answer for Mr. Speech
Plus: How to turn your girlfriend into a sports fan.
July 19, 2001
The Meaning of Life
Including: what is NOT the meaning of life.
July 16, 2001
Avoiding a spectacles spectacle.
Also: complaining about Dear Jon's complaints
July 12, 2001
I Warned You
Jon Deer presents your horoscope.
July 9, 2001
Advice to an insecure sports team owner
Plus: Dear Jon takes on Ask Marilyn.
July 5, 2001
Is it too late to 'get jiggy' with it?
Plus: litterbox blues and goulash
July 2, 2001
The Bleach Stain Problem
Plus: Dear Jon tackles the
June 28, 2001
A sneak peek at a Dear Jon presidency.
June 25, 2001
Popeye, Scooby, and Tax Cuts
Dear Jon answers a flurry of actual letters.
June 21, 2001
The Mystery of Stonehenge
Dear Jon and Jon Deer unlock the secrets of an ancient wonder.
June 14, 2001
Questions I Wish I were Asked
Send a Dear Jon Letter today!
June 11, 2001
56th Sort
Will Toledo Todd find love in the office?
June 7, 2001
55th Sort
10 Secrets Women Don't Want Men to Know
June 4, 2001
54th Sort
Ten Secrets Men Don't Want Women to Know
May 31, 2001
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September 1, 2003
The Michelangelo Code
Sort 257 solves the mystery of Jesus.
March 2, 2004
Time for a Sissy Quiz
Find out if your eating and diet habits shape you up as a real guy.
September 21, 2004
It's the End of the World as We Know It
But Dear Jon says go ahead and have children anyway.
May 17, 2005
The Best Team, Food, and Commercials in Football
A Review of Super Bowl 39.
February 8, 2005

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