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Valerie F. Mayfield writes:

Great Story, just wanted to say that I bought that Muleskinner Live video, some 15 years ago, and today I now work shows with David Grisman and Peter Rowan, and our family bluegrass band One Way Rider tour in that very same bus that broke down with Bill Monroe. I never thought that would happen when I first bought that video. We own Bill Monroe's old tour bus, 1956flx, known as The Bluegrass Breakdown, we didn't know this until our first trip to Nashville. Peter Rowan told me the story himself, back stage at The Station Inn, located in Nashville. I finally got David Grisman to autograph my video of The Muleskinner Show, when I gave it to him, he said - "my the cover warn and torn you must have watched it a lot". I awnsered happily, yes I have. We are looking for a permanent home for The Bluegrass Breakdown. Where everyone can come and enjoy the history.The Muleskinner video is fantastic!

January 1, 1900 12:00 am ET

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