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Monday, May 8, 2006

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Keith Richards has brain surgery:

Not to belittle the seriousness of Richards' condition, but what was he thinking? Reports say that the 62-year-old "fell out of a tree" while the Stones were touring New Zealand. Ah yes, the "rock and roll" lifestyle. You know, climbing up a tree may be okay when you're twenty, risky when you're 40, but it's downright stupid when you're over 60. What the heck was Richards doing?

Now Richards is recovering from brain surgery do to an aneurism he suffered from the fall. The Rolling Stones are not invincible, but do have some incredible dumb luck.

Videos on iTunes:

I think I wrote about this somewhere else, but iTunes now carries music videos, which can be downloaded to your computer for the low, low price of $1.99 each. Most of the videos are from modern bands, but there are a few classics from the '80's and '90's, mostly from bands that are still going (U2, Madonna, etc.).

I downloaded a couple, but what bugs me is the quality (or lack of) of the videos. I guess they're ideal for watching on those iddy-biddy iPod screens, but when I play them at normal size on my Mac, they're fuzzy and almost out of focus. I realize that this is probably the same quality of the TV show episodes iTunes now offers (also for $1.99), and the price is cheap for a video. It doesn't have to be DVD quality, but it would be nice to see it rendered well for the screen size iTunes allows.

The Raconteurs:

The newest side project of Jack White of the White Stripes, the Raconteurs promise to have one of the best discs in years. White creating his own supergroup, pairing up with fellow Detroit rocker Brendan Benson and two members of the Greenhornes (Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler), White manages to put his ego slightly in check to actually be part of the band.

So far, only "Steady, As She Goes" has been released as a single (and iTunes is even offering an acoustic version as their free download of the week), but the whole album, Broken Boy Soldiers, is due out May 16, 2006. From the single and the few sound clips I've heard of the other tracks, the Raconteurs is a throwback to the late 60's pop-rock/mod/progressive bands. It's a lot of what's been missing in rock music for nearly 40 years. Unfortunately it also sounds like a one album project for all involved.

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