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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Going Solo
Ray Davies releases first solo album

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It's hard to believe, but Ray Davies, leader and chief songwriter of the Kinks, is releasing his first proper solo album at the age of 61. Though Davies has done several solo projects since the Kinks last album, 1993's Phobia, was released, Davies Other People's Lives is his first album of all new material.

Of course, the last anyone had heard from Davies prior, was the infamous shooting incident in New Orleans, where he chased a mugger and received a bullet in his leg for his troubles. Knowing that Davies is a very personal writer, one might suspect that this event influenced some of his songs, but Davies actually had finished the album before this event.

I have not heard much from the new CD, as it is due out February 21st. However I have heard the single "Thanksgiving Day," which contains much of the introspection fans of Davies and the Kinks have grown to love. Other People's Lives should contain much of what we've come to expect from one of the best songwriters of the Rock era.

By the way, the Kinks have never officially broken up, and rumor is they still have a contract for one more record, but with Davies now releasing a full-fledged solo CD, don't expect him to reunite with brother Dave (who's still recoving from a stroke) any time soon.

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