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Monday, February 5, 2007

Gone Grammy, Gone
I'm actually looking forward to the Grammys

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You would think someone with as much interest in music as myself would be excited about the Grammys®, but like the creators and writers of the Simpsons, I don't consider the Grammy an award at all.
As I stated in my Dr. Spin days, the problem with the Grammys is that the same song can get nominated for (and usually win) several categories (Best Song, Best Single, Best Performance by a Group, Best Vocal, Best Lead Singer Wearing Shades, Best Song that's already won an award…) and the Grammys have been notorious for giving the wrong award to the wrong group (Jethro Tull won "Best Heavy Metal"??). Plus when you add the fact that we now have the Latin Grammys and the Grammy for Best Latin album, the whole award ceremony seems redundant.
But this year the Police are reuniting! For someone of the MTV generation, that's as close to the Beatles reuniting as you can get! Rumor has it they may even do a reunion tour!
So I'll stay glued to the TV until their performance; then I'll switch back to whichever "Law & Order" happens to be on that night.

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