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Monday, February 12, 2007

Notes on the Grammys
I watched, but I don't know why

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Well the Grammys sure lived up to their reputation as the least important of all major awards ceremonies. Were you sucked into the hype of the Police reunion too? Hope you didn't tune in late because they opened the show with "Roxanne" and left. All that hype and they do one stinkin' song at the very beginning; what a rip! Oh well, at least I got to see what else was on TV that night, which wasn't much, so unfortunately I kept going back to the Grammys.

It seems, like the Oscars, the Grammys focus on one album or one artist and give them the majority of the awards. This year the big winners were the Dixie Chicks, with Mary J. Blige and Justin Timberlake getting a few nods. Everyone else could have gone home early. 

Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder won a gratuitous "Best Vocal Duet," because Tony Bennett's 80 years-old and how-cool-is-it-that-he's-still-singing-let's-give-him-another-award-before-he-dies. I'm not saying that Bennett and Wonder didn't deserve it, but you know he's a sentimental favorite.

Some awards I was glad to see: Gnarls Barkley picking up Best Alternative Album (whatever that means), Christine Aguilera getting Best Female Pop performance for "Ain't No Other Man", and Ludacris getting the nod for Best Rap Album.

Speaking of Aguilera, why was she doing the James Brown tribute (or at least one of several), and why was she singing "This is a Man's World?" Was that supposed to be a bit tongue-in-cheek?

Carrie Underwood won a few awards, including Best New Artist, which either gives unneeded validation to "American Idol" or makes the Grammy an even bigger joke. Then again, these were the people that awarded Milli Vanilli.

And why we're on the subject of "American Idol," what was with that contest to perform with Justin Timberlake? It seemed unfairly cruel to invite all three of the finalists to the awards, sit them in the front row, and then let only one perform. Robyn Troup was the winner; let's see if she gets any record deals out of it.

Who will win next year's Grammys? Who cares; I'd rather watch the "Law & Order" marathon.

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