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Friday, February 23, 2007

Hear Here!
MySpace gives obscure bands new life

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Not everyone is into music the way I am. But for those like myself, who like to find "new" bands, or old bands most people forgot about, the internet is a powerful tool; if they recorded music, we can find them. Recently I've found a new ally in my never ending quest for old bands, MySpace.com.
Though usually associated with teens and their blogs, MySpace also provides an area called MySpace Music where bands can provide information and sound clips about their music and history. A lot of younger and unsigned musicians use MySpace to get their demos out, but there are also some sites of obscure ‘60's and ‘70's bands. Usually these are not created my the members themselves, but by a fan, and thanks to the invention of mp3 files, these sites can offer us an opportunity to hear music that is now near impossible to get our hands on.
This is a vast improvement to the infamous 30-second snippets most online music stores allow us to hear; most MySpace pages give us four songs to listen to in their entirety. And considering some of these bands didn't even last long enough to put out a full album, four complete songs is often more than enough to judge whether or not these bands should remain obscure. Since going on to MySpace Music, I've discovered Granny's Intentions and Andwella's Dream, two obscure Irish 60's bands, whose original albums are highly sought after by collectors, and Jennifer Stills, daughter of legendary Stephen Stills (who, not surprisingly, sounds like a cross between Jewel and her dad).
Not all bands have sites, so you'll have to look in the directory, but a lot of sites have links to other bands of that same era, so if you find one band you like, there may be a link to others.
Most of the bands I found do have CDs available, and usually you can find them on Amazon.com or eBay, though they're usually more expensive than regular CDs. That's why MySpace Music is so important; you can really hear the songs and decide if these bands are worth the extra money. Otherwise, you can just listen to the samples you like for free each time you come back to MySpace.
Obscure bands need not be so obscure anymore, thanks to their fans and MySpace. Go take a look; you may find a new old favorite!

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