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Monday, April 2, 2007

My Essential Albums

Because even I am beginning to realize my music collection is getting out of hand, I began thinking about weeding out my CDs. This led me to think; what would happen if a fire wiped me out of all my music, what would be the first ones I would replace? I then thought about my "essential" music, albums that I have to have to feel my collection is complete.
I have decided to break it down by decade, allowing myself 10 picks per decade. This is especially difficult for me for the sixties; I could fill it pretty much on Beatles' albums alone (yes, I'm that big of a fan.) But I will try to limit myself to a maximum of two albums per group.
This is not a list the critics' best, and I will probably have some "glaring" omissions, (I don't own any Jimi Hendrix albums, okay?) but this is my personal "essentials," not the critics, and not yours.
The 60's
  1. Revolver – The Beatles
  2. The Beatles ("White Album") – The Beatles
  3. Beggars Banquet – The Rolling Stones
  4. Let It Bleed – The Rolling Stones
  5. Odessey & the Oracle – The Zombies
  6. Bringing It All Back Home – Bob Dylan
  7. Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones, Ltd. – The Monkees
  8. Arthur – The Kinks
  9. Younger Than Yesterday – The Byrds
  10. Meaty Beatty Big & Bouncy – The Who
The 70's
  1. Who's Next – The Who
  2. Every Picture Tells A Story – Rod Stewart
  3. IV – Led Zeppelin
  4. Fragile – Yes
  5. Sailin' Shoes – Little Feat
  6. Hooligans – The Who
  7. Sticky Fingers – The Rolling Stones
  8. The Yes Album – Yes
  9. Manassas – Stephen Stills & Manassas
  10. Band On The Run – Paul McCartney & Wings
The 80's
  1. Synchronicity – The Police
  2. Abacab – Genesis
  3. The Joshua Tree – U2
  4. Sticks & Stones – The 77's
  5. A Letter From St. Paul – The Silencers
  6. Graceland – Paul Simon
  7. Freedom – Whiteheart
  8. Full Moon Fever – Tom Petty
  9. Kick – INXS
  10. The Miracle - Queen
The 90's
  1. Doubt – Jesus Jones
  2. Achtung Baby – U2
  3. Change Everything – Del Amitri
  4. So Be It – The Silencers
  5. Stunt – The Barenaked Ladies
  6. Chupacabra - Imani Coppola 
  7. The Sky is Crying – Stevie Ray Vaughn
  8. Full Moon, Dirty Hearts – INXS
  9. Sheryl Crow – Sheryl Crow
  10. More Miserable Than You'll Ever Be – 7&7 is
Since the 2000's are not over, I reserve the right to make that list until the end of this decade.
Well these are my essentials, what are the essentials of your list?

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