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Fads, Mac Users and Vegetarians

Sort 262 bashes the metric system.

by Dear Jon
April 20, 2004

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Dear Jon,

What is "bullet time?" Is it anything like "Hammer time?"

Funky G
Dear G,
Both measure the duration of fads in the public consciousness. The English standard ratio is 3.65 hammers per bullet, and one bullet every 17.5 months, unless one of the Februarys is longer: then it is one bullet every 17.495 months.
Everyone knows that this English system is completely logical. All we have to do is memorize the units of measure. But along comes the “metric” system, invented by scheming Bolsheviks to undercut the time-honored traditions of the marketplace. This diabolical scheme divides everything into units of ten. Wanton progressive communists have been using metrics in Europe and Canada for thirty years.
In the metric system, there are ten mallets to a pellet, and one pellet every year. Those stupid socialists always have to confuse everything.


Dear Jon,

I am getting frustrated with my old PC, and I am considering getting a new one. For some strange reason, I feel I am being lured to a Mac. Should I give in to this temptation or continue to scoff Mac users as pinko-hippie liberals who are all about "graphics," and embrace the "real world" of IBM clones?

Old Hack
Dear Hack,
It is a reflection of the priorities in our public school system that they are the chief users of Macintosh Computers, as they equip their students to be utterly inept in a world of IBM clones.
Back in the day we used Apple II’s in High School, and then more Macs in college. It did me no favors. The working environment is an IBM environment and that is the truth. For a lot of years I carried around a lot of worthless Mac-formatted computer disks filled with information I could not transfer or download.
What are your goals? To be pretty, or to communicate? To look good, or to conduct business? To be a snob, or to be a team-player?
Think of Mac-Users as vegetarians. They have their convictions about what is best, but if they want to get invited to the banquet, they had better not complain about the menu. Just as a lot of vegetarians have meat-eaters for friends, it is also possible that Mac-users might have IBM-clone users for friends. Smart Mac-user knows when to politely keep quiet.
Besides, since 1995, software companies have been developing friendlier user interfaces for IBM clones. The Mac might be fun to have on the side for some desk top publishing stuff, but if you are serious about business, you will have to include an IBM clone in your technology.
If you want to think outside the box, why not get a Linux too?

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vela from Chicago, IL writes:
May 4, 2004
Dear Jon,

If you want schools to teach their kids on IBM clones, maybe you should talk to corporations ponying up the money for hardware and software. Because the funding to our school system is ridiculously inadequate, schools have to depend on companies like Apple who give away Macs for (practically) free. Software bundled with hardware. A captive audience. What capitalist can argue with that logic?

The best PR and Marketing money can buy.

As it is, schools get to choose between:

a) new Mac's

b) used and useless OLD IBM clones that can't run anything better than Windows '95. The CD-ROM's required by many school programs or museums for learning require a much newer operating system. But hey! Someone is justifying a tax write-off by dumping their old, pathetic hardware on a school, right?

Don't criticize schools who use Macs until you come up the cash for IBM clones and the affiliated software. As well as a simple way to network them, because that is needed as well. Macs plug and play swaps are a blessing to time and resource depleted schools. It may be easier to part the Red Sea then to ask IBM or Dell to play nice with Microsoft and deliver an affordable solution to schools.

Heck, I say give the kids both. If they want a career in higher education, a PhD, in the school system or in graphic design/film/ communications, they'll need to know Macs. Anywhere else, they'll need to know IBM Clones. Being bilingual (or trilingual with Linux) is a nice step up to operating in many contexts.

Sign me,

Eats Meat & Veggies, can operate IBM Clones and Macs too. Why limit yourself?

Dear Jon from Chicago writes:
May 5, 2004
Dear Eats Macs,

What a very literate and informed letter. Being both literate and informed, it quite naturally exceeds my ability to respond.

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