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It's Time We Invade Mexico... Again!

Where are those 'Yankee Imperialist Gringo's' when we need them?

by Michael H. Thomson
October 12, 2005

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It's Time We Invade Mexico... Again!
Herndon, Virginia is 21 miles from the lovely village of Paeonian Springs and 24 miles from our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C.  It is 1751 miles from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The citizens in Herndon are having a big problem with Mexicans, El Salvadorans, Guatemalans and a score of other illegal immigrants who have flocked to their fair city in search of employment.  Here is a scenario:
Miguel Thomaso – a masonry worker from Vera Cruz has paid big money to a coyote – a person who assists illegal immigrants into our country – to help him get into the United States. After crossing the border into the U.S., Miguel and his fellow illegals try to put as much distance as they can from the border. After several days, Miguel and his friends arrive in Herndon, Virginia.  Miguel has heard that employment is available and no one asks any questions as to citizenship or work permits. Miguel also has found out that the Gringo contractors in their pick-up trucks pay in cash.  Everything that Miguel has heard is true …with a bonus: The city of Herndon provides a facility for Miguel and his friends to wait for the contractor and his pick-up truck. No identity check – nothing.
Several other American cities are following Herndon's example of "don't ask, don't tell." Last week, I traveled by automobile from Virginia to Florida. Talking to people along the way, I learned that illegal immigration is affecting every major city in the United States.

While I sympathize with the hard-working Miguels in their quest for employment and a new life, I am horrified to think of the long term implications of this illegal influx on our Social Security and our federal tax base. There are other problems as well. If Miguel smuggles his wife and three children to Herndon, Fairfax County, Virginia is obligated to educate the offspring of a man who pays no taxes and, for all practical purposes, does not exist at least for social security or federal tax purposes.
Then there is the drug problem. If you are lost in the 80's or 90's, wake up. Mexico has become the source of choice for dope in this country. The same coyote that brought Miguel into the country also doubles as a mule in the exportation of illegal drugs from Mexico.  Sometimes the illegals themselves are coerced or tricked into carrying the drugs across the border. Many of these people are armed – heavily. The Yuma County Sheriff's Department in Yuma, Arizona has recently purchased a nine ton, British surplus, armored personnel carrier to patrol the border. Yuma deputies are increasingly subject to rock throwing, gunfire, and ramming by fleeing vehicles.  In Laredo, Texas, it's worse.
Across the bridge from Laredo in Nuevo Laredo, two groups of rival narco-terrorists are at war with each other fighting over the territorial rights to export drugs to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and points east and west. Since January of this year, 147 people have died in the violence that is now spilling into Laredo. The situation is not improving and George Bush's friend, Vicente Fox, the president of Mexico, has not seen fit to do anything about the situation – or at least not do anything effective. Corruption and drug payoffs in Mexico reach to the highest levels.  Meanwhile the governors of Arizona and New Mexico are asking for a presidential order declaring a national emergency because of the impact that illegal immigration and drug trafficking is having on their states.
It will not be too long before the vigilante groups patrolling some parts of the border – assisting the tapped out Border Patrol – are attacked with several killed in the process. At that point, George Bush or whoever inherits this country's helm, has an opportunity to bring some needed change to a region of the country that is more of a threat to our national security than Iraq or Afghanistan.  We will eventually need to invade and secure northern Mexico where it borders the U.S. from Texas to California. A buffer zone reaching at least fifty miles into Mexican territory needs to be established - patrolled by at least eight divisions of U.S. troops and supporting Border Patrol.
Now do I honestly think any of this will happen? Of course, not, the United States Government is not in the national security business any longer. We talk a good fight and go through all the motions, but when it comes to actually protecting our citizens from real threats to our economy or to our security – we fail miserably.  The threat from Miguel and his brothers is much greater than the threat from Osama. We can really do something about Miguel, but we choose not to.
In March of 1846, General Zachary Taylor invaded Mexico – of course this was a grab for territory and by today's standards would not  be justified, however the second invasion of Mexico authorized by President Woodrow Wilson was justified by attacks across the border on Columbus, New Mexico at the instigation of the great bandito and revolutionary, Pancho Villa. During the Mexican Punitive Expedition as it was called, one of our great generals, George S. Patton, then a first lieutenant, had his first taste of battle. After being attacked from a Mexican hacienda, Patton took three Dodge touring cars and counterattacked, killing his attackers. He then tied three of the dead leaders to the front fender of his vehicle and toured them through the local villages to impress the natives. Mexican resistance slowed down considerably after word of this got out.
We can stop the invasion of illegal immigrants and illegal drugs from Mexico. Do our leaders have the will and determination of George S. Patton to do it?
Hats off to Sheriff Ralph Ogden of Yuma, Arizona for having the guts and determination to protect his citizens and his deputies. Are you paying attention, George?
Visit Mike Thomson's website: ThomsonTalks and his blog: Motives for Murder

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larry slay from brewton, mexico, alabama writes:
October 12, 2005
Mike, you and I had some disagreements about your last article, How We Die, but I totally agree with this one. Especially since I am a citizen of what used to be known as Brewton, Al. But now with so many Mexicans streaming across the border and seeking jobs in this hurricane damaged town, the locals have renamed this town Brewton Mexico. You only have to listen to local radio stations where you can hear people calling in and asking for LISCENED CONTRACTORS! On any given day you drive the streets of Brewton and on most every roof top you will see nothing but Mexican laborer's. The grocery stores are filled with groups of young Mexicans jabbering in Spainish while shopping. It is as if the levee\border has broken and now comes the flood. I like George Bush but I must never forget he is a politician. The Democrats go for the black vote. The Republicans see an upcoming

powerful voting block in the Latino population as well, I am sure so do the Dem's. With these two parties it is not the border that means anything but the all mighty vote.

mike Thomson from Paeonian Springs VA writes:
October 12, 2005
Larry, healthy debate is the hallmark of a healthy democracy. Regarding the politics of immigration - there is plenty. So many of our visitors are illegal. This is because we have opened the doors to them and looked the other way.

My cynical viewpoint is that once a lot of people like you and me start squawking, Congress and the President will pass a bill granting all the illegals here blanket amnesty and then in a few short years they will become citizens and a major voting block.

Unfortunately, by taking that approach we will be granting citizenship rights to an immigrant population that does not assimilate i.e. they continue speaking their language and have a proven track record of pushing out other cultures like a huge bulldozer. California will soon lose it's identity. So will many states in the Southwest.

The drugs coming into this country from Mexico are my main concern, however.

Wow, it's hard to believe Brewton, Alabama has such a large immigrant population. Mobile, Alabama, by comparison must look like Mexico City.

Rick Wilson from Brewton, AL writes:
October 13, 2005

In a country where we have had it good for so long, there are citizens who chose to take rather than to give through the acceptance of entitlements. They sit at home and draw a check for doing nothing when jobs are available if they are willing to work hard. White, black, yellow, or green for that matter, people of all colors and denominations are taking advantage of the working class and should be made to work for their benefits at the very least.

Now come the illegal aliens who need and want to work. They work as hard, if not harder, than the current employees. They understand that hard work is what generates prosperity, much the same as our own forefathers did so long ago.

Opportunity is what has made this country so popular. If we would make our own citizens, who are capable of working, actually work for some benefits then the lack of jobs would be a deterent to the foreign invasion.

In short, it this lack of desire to work by our own citizens that is one of the leading causes of this influx of illegal aliens.

Perhaps a national program to utilize these citizens in part-time positions backed by government could enhance our industrial output or help in local, state, or federal government. I'm not talking about displacing the current work-force with these federally sponsored employees, but rather as an enhancement to an ongoing operation that could lead to a full time job and thus elimination from the federal dole.

Their pay would be in the form of their monthly cash benefits. They would work at the going rate for that facility for however many hours their benefits would allow. For example, $600 a month in cash benefits would allow for 75 hours of work per month at an $8.00 an hour job.

Sure there are exceptions to the rule where children and daycare is involved, but daycare isn't forever either.

Having a place to go and work instills pride and a work ethic. It takes one off the street corner and off the sofa. It moves one back into working society. And it helps the economic viability of our country.

In short, illegal immigration is a symptom not the disease.

Your ideologic friend,


Michael H. Thomson from Paeonian Springs, VA writes:
October 13, 2005
I wish some Libertarians would get into this discussion...

Phala Partin Hay from Ft Worth TX writes:
October 13, 2005
Mike, I love how you get people talking and thinking. Drugs are indeed a problem with seemingly no solution in sight. My beef however - is, was, and always will be: Overpopulation. We can only hold so many people on this planet. Look what happened at the Superdome. Eventually this planet will be so over-crowded with folks that our world will become a hotbed of hated, confusion, violence, lawlessness, and hopelessness. I believe if we can curb the population we can then address other problems more effectively. Maybe we can divide all the people in the world into all the available countries, counties, states, etc. and have a certain number of folks living in any one area. I'd be willing to move to Greece to help the cause!!!

larry slay from brewton alabama writes:
October 13, 2005
Mike, I also concur with you about a healthy debate, it allows people to see each others side of an arguement, that is healthy. I also concur with Rick Wilson's bottom line comment, ILLEGAL immigration is a symptom, not a disease. As far as Mr's

Hay's post, well I can see she and I will have a healthy debate tonight over the phone....ha. It would, and I plan to look into this, has the crime rate, especially drug traffic, increased in Brewton\Mexico\China\India\Africa Alabama As far as Mobile becoming Mexico City, actually Mobile has always been a small New Orleans. Now since two major hurricanes a lot of the dregs of New Orleans have washed into other states, that includes Mobile and Brewton also. As you know when a wave washes on shore it will bring in things of value but it also brings in garbage ie. drug addicts and dealers.

As far as imigrants in Brewton I have to refer back to a chance meeting with a former police chief of Brewton, who upon entering a Chinese made a statement to me, I never thought I would see the day when I would see a Chinese and a Mexican restuarant in Brewton.

Mike here is something you might write about, the English language being diluted into other languages in the USA including Blueberry\Brewton\Cville. Call Bell South and get their automated answering system, push 1 if for English, push 2 if you want Spainish.

Keep up the good writing.

Stephen Thomson from Brisbane writes:
October 14, 2005
Mike, the article is good. The sentiments are understood, I believe by all, including me...a man of many hats and opinions...but, to move in a hard and heartless opposite direction with your illegal aliens in the USA, as we have done with ours here in Australia, can also be fraught with danger and serious alarm. I only state this as I believe that humane solutions to the illegal alien problem - a massive worldwide problem - must be found. It musn't do with locking them up, in the inhumane manner as we have done here. Whole families are incarcerated and some have been behind bars here in Australia for up to six years. Some children have never known anything but barbed wire borders for the whole of their lives. They were born behind the wire. Many of these illegal aliens have committed suicide. Many have given up and just simply lost their minds.

Mike, these people should never have come here in the manner in which they have, as refugees seeking asylum, by the use of the merciless bastards that packed them into boats like sardines then left them on our beaches or in our waters to fend for themselves. They should have done it in the 'proper manner', by 'application'. Would this have really been an acceptable method. No, it would not have been. We don't accept labourers for family migration. What other choices did they have. But then, that is my way of thinking. These people just want a better life. Our government had and still has a problem with this type of refugee but to lock them up and to throw away the key is not the answer. Our government points to the fact that no more boats are coming...true...but at what cost? I'm ashamed to be Australian under this government. It shames me to see these people locked up and out in the middle of nowhere living out their lives and not knowing when they will ever be free.

And, do you know what saddens me most? These people have a work ethic and they can't even put into practice that old nugget, the phrase, the saying, the death knell, 'Arbeit mach Frei'. However you read it, the fact is that they are just slowly rotting away. Why waste the gas?

Stephen Thomson

Robert from San Antonio writes:
October 31, 2005
I will summarize my speech in short point.

1. There would be no drugs coming to America or Virginia unless American adults and

teenagers were not buying them. Supply and demand. I never used drugs myself.

2. My relatives are contractors. Contractors know who is illegal workers. Ask your city

to check IDs like the bars do for underage kids. Fine any company who does not.

3. Many American citizens buy from Walmart and eat Tyson chicken both are companies

being investigated for hiring illegal aliens. Why do you support or buy stock in

American companies when you are against illegal hiring practices?

4. The people from South America who have the American dream usually get robbed,

beaten, raped and even have all their clothes stolen by banditos, coyotes, drug cartel

and other so called police in Mexico. This delays their travels or ends their dream.

If you were in their situtation, then you would probably do the same.

Most live in United States and pay off their debts for years without seeing their children

or families. They cannot go out much or visit other places we take for granted. Much

less receive healthcare. I did not know their children could go to school free without

any address or citizenship? Read some of the stories from the San Juan Casa.

5. Many of our retailing merchandise is made in Mexico. Are you or your children

wearing it? If you are wearing or eating these products produced by these illegals,

then you are supporting this form of 'slavery' in Mexico and encouraging most of

this wave of immigrants to happen. Over 1000 people die in the Rio Grands each

year. If you knew how much suffering happened (or deaths in trains or big rigs),

before they got here, then I do not think you would complain. I have met some of

these people and try to guide them to legal help. We need to act as a civilized country,

if not the Christian nation this country was founded on. This is a complex and difficult

issue. My solution is to 'pray' about it.

Mike Thomson from Paeonian Springs, Va writes:
November 3, 2005
Gee Robert,

You sure got whacked out about my article. A little bit of an over response to it, I might add. Do you have immigration issues? If you do I can suggest some places there in San Antonio that you might turn to for help.

Buenos Dias amigo!

Mark Freydig writes:
January 21, 2008
Mexico has great natural resources that the U.S. can expolit. The Mexican military is poorly train, underpaid, and lazy. Its defense against the U.S. will be ephemeral and futile. The world will protest, but will not help Mexico, a third world country.

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