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by Casey White
February 28, 2002

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Famous_Casey White- Every other Thursday, in this new column, Casey White shares his true experiences and thoughts as he encounters people along the way. As he says, "These are only snippets... little vignettes... written just as they happened... and then it's over."

It may only take a moment to watch, but the reflections may linger.

People Watch #2: Famous

The brightest of followspots beamed down upon him as he finished up the third of four encore numbers. With background fog and fireworks, the sharply-cut, litho-effect, color-mixing techno lights swooped down from the audience and converged upon the star who had now performed for two hours non-stop. Thousands of fans were jumping and clapping and pushing against the stage and its security 'terminators.' Lighter flames all over the venue created a sizeable nighttime city view. Vending booth attendants were pressing in from the exits to see and hear. Thundering drum, bass, and lead guitar rifts were still resounding. Scott Stapp was breathing heavily, but beaming with joy. With sweat pouring down from his dark hair, his eyes conveyed more than his words. This was a one-in-a-hundred concert. A special moment for both audience and Creed. It wasn't just the flawless execution of instruments and lyrics. It wasn't just the psyched-up audience that sang every word with every song. It was a mystical, spiritual union, and more than the sum of parts. "Thank YOU for giving ME all this energy!" He meant it. Scott's and his band's ability to write and perform music that identifies with human pain, as well as lifting it up with hope, had an extra measure of effect in this place, this night. He briefly glanced to the ceiling, his eyes darting back to his lead guitarist. In it, I saw his simultaneous desire to keep this moment going, balanced with his desire to collapse back to his hotel room - another night on the road. A hundred more nights before THIS happens again. It's what he lives for. It's what he was born to do.

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