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Power of Plain Talk

by Casey White
September 19, 2002

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Power of Plain Talk_Casey White- It was just a short episode. Older post-high-school brother and younger high school brother, at the mall, shopping for clothes. Presumably, the younger brother was still filling out his fall school wardrobe. The younger brother found a white knit shirt with a black stripe across it. Holding it up to his body, "I found this... what do you think?"

The older brother took one look, and emphatically said, "No, put it down. That's looks stupid!"

The younger brother immediately placed the shirt back, and proceeded to look at other items. No further discussion. Just complete acceptance of the evaluation.

Now this was just a moment of shopper's eavesdropping on my part, but a fascinating moment of truth, nonetheless. I derived three things from this short conversation. First, the younger brother respected the opinion of the older brother, at least in matters of fashion, for he asked the opinion of his brother on something that he would personally be wearing. Second, the older brother was unafraid to give an honest opinion. No waffling. No hinting around the edges. Just straight-on opinion. Confidence in his opinion. Confidence in the way it would be taken. Finally, I saw not only respect of the opinion rendered, but a quick and unhesitant following of the opinion. No reason to question this. Just move on to another selection. No reason to get upset. And perhaps a feeling of relief at having been saved some embarassment from his own choice.

Plain talk can produce two kinds of reception, depending on the relationship existing between the parties. Half of the time, it might produce contention or argument. The other half of the time, it might produce some benefit or agreement.

For all who have brothers or sisters, it might benefit one to ask, "What would come of plain talk with them?"

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Power of Plain Talk
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