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A Homeowner's Musing

by Michael H. Thomson
July 16, 2003

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A Homeowner's Musing_Michael H. Thomson-
I Pledge Allegiance to my Homeowner’s Association, may our by-laws always stand...

No flags, RV’s, hanging wash, or dogs larger than 20 pounds shall grace our cherished land...

Our grass stays cut two inches or less; No curlers on our wives pretty tresses;

Don’t you dare put a handicapped ramp on the front of your house or who lands in court? I won’t even give you three guesses!

Our elected president roams the street, clipboard in firmly in hand,

looking for violators of the latest weed decree; Three strikes and you’re out... of our deed restricted land...

‘Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam’ was not referring to here;

Perrier and wine at your next party please, we hardly approve of beer...

Sorry now, I’ve got to go, the HOA meeting’s at seven;

we’re trying to decide, with a great deal of pride, if our charter extends to heaven...

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A Homeowner's Musing
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