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Finding Somebody Else

Who Ain't Democrat or Republican.

by James Leroy Wilson
October 2, 2003

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Finding Somebody Else_James Leroy Wilson-Who Ain't Democrat or Republican Well, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is not running for President. Many independents, and members of the Libertarian, Constitution, and other small parties are no doubt disappointed. But not surprised.

He had already run once, as the candidate of the Libertarian Party in 1988. It speaks well of his Congressional District that he could still be elected as a Republican down there. They apparently believe that the Republicans stand for small government. At least their Republican does.

That leaves the door open. I know of a couple of nobodies seeking the Libertarian ticket; perhaps there are some nobodies seeking other third party nominations. I will likely vote for one, or I will not vote at all. I got an e-mail today from one newly-announced candidate, of undetermined party, who believes his candidacy and defeat of Bush in 2004 is encrypted in Bible codes. His lengthy “proof” indicated early on that he was purposefully equating random numbers from his life (addresses, phone numbers, dates) to fit the facts of his life. If this guy wins, he’ll deserve my congratulations, because he’ll get it without my vote. Though if he does become President, I’ll take Bible codes more seriously.

I will not vote for President Bush. He has performed worse than even my most pessimistic expectations of him, and has shown himself to be exactly the kind of man Democratic spin doctors tried to make him out to be in 2000. While often astute politically, he is personally responsible for more bad laws, bad programs, stupid wars, unconstitutional police-state tactics, and insane fiscal policy, than any President in history. That’s not to say that Bush is responsible for the 9-11 attacks or for the business cycle, but in every single decision, to use force or not, to veto a bill or not, to propose or compromise on legislation or not, Bush has done not only the wrong thing, but usually the worst possible thing, nearly all the time. He is the most powerful President in history, and also maybe the worst.

What about a Democrat? A good friend of mine, on the 2000 election night said, “I voted for Gore, because I think he’d be the less effective President.” We were both living in a pro-Gore state, so my friend’s vote for Gore, and my own vote for the Libertarian Harry Browne, didn’t make any difference. But I agree that Gore would have been less effective, and therefore less singularly disastrous, than the Bush administration.

That said, no Democrat will do either, at least for now. He or she will have to prove it to me. Where is the party of the late 1890’s, the party of Grover Cleveland and the “three R’s” as the Republicans charged, of “Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion?”

Once the Democrats actually advocate those ideals, I’ll give them a chance. I think JFK would have been a better President if he actually did receive and obey commands from the Vatican.

As it is, the Democratic Party equals and maybe even exceed the Republicans in their crony capitalist ploys. They have to. In order to loot big business, they have to give special favors for it. We will regulate small businesses into bankruptcy in order to protect your market share and “save jobs” in your industry. Then we will call you greedy and your taxes will be high enough to allow us to bribe the rest of the voters - ahem - I mean, spend on social programs the people deserve. And we will call these fraudulent practices “compassion” and “social justice.”

If I were a CEO, I’d be just as willing to contribute to the Democrat’s war chest as the Republican‘s.

None of this speaks well for democracy. Members of Congress want to do just enough to get re-elected, and Presidents are not held personally accountable for their disastrous wars and other policies. As Hans-Hermann Hoppe so ably demonstrated in his book Democracy: the God That Failed, there isn’t any incentive in the structure of democratic institutions for anyone to do anything but git while the gittin’s good.

My hope for a Paul run was not necessarily for him to win, but because I believe a political campaign is among the ways to get a message out, to educate the public. A campaign rally might draw people who wouldn’t otherwise have expressed interest in political issues, because we see dynamic communication and the element of drama in campaigns, that isn’t seen in dry opinion pieces on the Internet and editorial pages.

With that gone, hopefully an effective right-wing populist will emerge who can communicate the virtues of foreign non-intervention, a gold standard for money, and the dismantling federal bureaucracies in favor of local government and/or personal freedom. He or she won’t win, of course. But the anti-DC, anti-UN crowd must make a loud, vocal statement in 2004. No more of this inherently evil business of selecting the “lesser of two evils.” No more basing one vote on who’s the most “likeable” among the two that actually stand a chance.

The fewer Americans who are willing to vote for a third party, the more that get what they deserve from the two-party monopoly. Let’s hope, with Ron Paul out, that “second choice” of the third-party crowd is the very best one possible, whoever he or she is.

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