Cracking the Da Vinci Code

Cracking the Bible Code: Looking for Armageddon
by Jonathan Wilson

Throughout history people have tried to predict the future in order to gain power over it.

Since the formation of modern human society several thousand years ago, it has been humanity's ambition to look forward, to see the future in order to prepare for it or even attempt to prevent it. Crystal balls, the palms of hands, the entrails of sacrificed animals, tea leaves in a cup, and the stars, have in various cultures been viewed as containing pictures of future events, or at the very least, signs and omens for our interpretation concerning the future.

The plain text of the Bible has a lot to say about the future. The Bible also describes how we as human beings are to prepare for the future. The best preparation we can make is to bring our lives into conformity with the will and pleasure of God. This picture of conformity does not mean cookie-cutter people all looking and sounding alike: Our infinite God has created diversity of personality and circumstance. As each person lives in God's will, that person will become most uniquely individual. It is sin, and the human pressures of conformity, that diminish the uniqueness and freedom of the individual.

Plainly stated in scripture, death is in the future of every person. After death, there will occur a meeting with God, and from that meeting, the appointment to an eternal state of being. Plainly stated in scripture, death is in the future of the planet and the universe. Those that are alive at the time of the planet's destruction will also meet God and receive appointment to an eternal state.

Apparently, this does not satisfy some Bible De-coders, who are looking for specific dates and events. According to the HISTORY Channel documentary, one matrix was discovered which appeared to predict a collision with an astrological body in 2012. A Christian De-coder featured in the documentary believed that the matrix indicated that things would come to an end in 2010. This led to his false prediction, based on his eschatological system, that Israel would conclude a peace treaty in 2003 (his vignette was taped in early 2003).

There are a number of problems with this methodology. First, Jesus Christ himself stated, in Matthew 24:36, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." When he says in verse 42, "Therefore keep watch..." that is not an exhortation to try to predict that which Jesus Christ himself, the Son, did not know. That is an ethical exhortation to live in expectation that you may be required to meet God at any time. Verse 44 states, "So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him." (From the NIV).

For Christians to claim that the Hebrew scriptures have in its code a prediction as to the events and times of the end of the world, is to forget who Jesus is. The "Word of God" comes to us in written form as the Bible, and in human form as Jesus of Nazareth. It is not the provenance of this "Word of God," "the Son," to know the times and seasons of the end of days. That is the provenance of God the Father only. In sum, the Word of God cannot codify what God has chosen to keep hidden within the Father's own nature.

I am not expert at all on the eschatology of Orthodox Judaism. My challenge to the rabbinic scholars of the Bible Code obviously cannot involve the person of Jesus Christ, but it can involve the same principle. There has been a dangerous thread of thought that somehow the person of God can be contained - that the Torah or the Torah with the Prophets might make available a knowledge of God which is secret and thus available only to select initiates.

My question is, should God fully reveal everything to us mortals, even secretly? Is it even possible for all the ineffable and sublime being of God to be contained in the words of scripture? Cannot God choose to reserve for himself the times and seasons of the end of days? In fact, is that not profoundly wise of God, who knows all things and knows the penchant of even devout human beings to twist knowledge in order to gain power by its leverage? What profit is there in the knowledge of the dates and times of the end of days?

The examination of God's word is not to exalt ourselves or to gain leverage over God's divine name or to gain power over the future. God's word is given to us, instead, to humble us by reminding us plainly that God is worthy of our worship and finally beyond our understanding.

When de-coders search matrices for dates and events, it reveals a tabloid sensibility to the Bible and the future God has in store. The method is not good science, as I have already demonstrated in the previous article. I hope by this article to have demonstrated that the Bible Code is not good theology either.
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