Cracking the Da Vinci Code

Hanks and Howard: The Da Vinci Code Movie
by Jonathan Wilson

It is bound to be a hit, confusing more people than ever.

Star Hollywood director Ron Howard signed on to direct a movie adaptation of "The Da Vinci Code." The second great coup is the person Howard has lined up for the lead: Academy Award winning and top box office draw Tom Hanks. This pair teamed up for "Apollo 13," a thrilling and excellent motion picture based on actual historical events. This will certainly be billed into the new movie's marketing, "From the people who brought you Apollo 13...."

The movie is going to score big. Howard and Hanks make excellent movies that are hits with the public. That is their m.o. In fact, I would be shocked if the movie were not significantly better than the novel. The way the novel is outlined, in short chapters, begged for a screen-play. Why else make a devout Opus Dei murderer an albino? It is a thrilling visual effect.

Unfortunately, as with the credibility afforded to the esoteric Grail quest by major media outlets, a major movie event by people with screen credits like "Apollo 13" is going to continue to dim and obscure the issue at which the novel's premise is centered: That the esoteric Grail Quest has no basis in historical evidence. To hear Tom Hanks recite lead character Langdon's ponitifications on Mary Magdalene, to remember that Tom Hanks once played an astronaut that really existed, to read at the beginning of the movie the same claim that is made as an author's preface to the novel, is going to have millions more people asking silly and time-wasting questions about whether Jesus ever got married and whether "The Vatican" is as omnipotent as Dan Brown claims.

I, of course, will have to burn nine bucks of my money to see the movie in order to review it for this site. My sincere wish is that long before that happens, Howard and Hanks will do some of their own research into the documents of ancient history, realize they would humiliate themselves by lending credibility to this sham, and withdraw themselves from the project. Maybe one of them will stumble across this website? In any case, approaching history with an open mind, rather than a manipulated mind, will lead a thinking person to a sober re-evaluation of the claims of the esoterics.

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