Cracking the Da Vinci Code

Revealing the Heir to Jesus Christ
by Jonathan Wilson

Sir Laurence Gardner will tell you that an heir to Jesus is alive today.

Everything that appears on this website is a matter of public, published record. No "secrets" are here divulged, nor are "conspiracies" conjectured.

Sir Laurence Gardner, in his book "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" (see "resources") provides geneological support for his conclusion that the direct heir of Jesus Christ is the 7th Count of Albany in Scotland: His Royal Highness Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart.

For information on HRH Prince Michael of Albany, go to You will learn that Prince Michael is the heir to the royal house of Stewart, the renaissance Kings of the United Kingdoms of Scotland and England until James VII of Scotland and II of England was deposed by parliament in favor of William of Orange. You will learn that he is attested as a prince by the royal houses of Europe, who elected him to be the President of the European Council of Princes. Among his accolades is that in 2001 he received the United Nations medal for "Voluntary Service."

That HRH Prince Michael is complicit with Sir Laurence Gardner in his claims to the blood lineage of Jesus Christ, is evident in that the Prince wrote the forward to Gardner's book.

I want to go on the record now, so that the date of my writing is beyond dispute. I charge no one with conspiracy. I do, however, predict the following future trajectory for the fortunes of HRH Prince Michael.

The popularity of "The Da Vinci Code," even while posing fictive characters such as "Sofie" and her long-lost Scottish brother as the heirs to Christ, create an opportunity for the claims of Sir Laurence and Prince Michael. The "scholarship" giving the veneer of credibility to the claims of the esoteric Grail Quest is attested already by the favorable coverage in the major public media outlets. Further credibility is assigned to the novel by the contracting of Ron Howard to direct the movie, in which Tom Hanks will star. This movie will be a blockbuster. This hit means that millions more around the world will be exposed to the claims of the esotericists, much beyond those who have read the novel.

In the midst of this discussion, "Can the esotericists be right? Is the heir alive?" it will not take much to discover that yes, the claimant does exist and has already gone public.

Furthermore, we have the Royal House of Windsor in the United Kingdom teetering on the brink of oblivion. The scandals of the Prince of Wales have resulted in less than favorable views of the monarchy. Princess Diana was their saving grace, and it is widely believed that she was shamefully mistreated by the Windsors. Elizabeth II is elderly - even given the extraordinary longevity in her genetic inheritance, the moment of crisis is approaching.

Will the United Kingdom embrace Prince Michael as an alternative to the melt-down of the prestige of the House of Windsor? If the English parliament attempts to impose Windsor's heirs on the commonwealth, will this foment a movement towards further independence for Scotland? Might nations of the commonwealth, disenchanted with the Windsor House, act on their own constitutional independence and invite the Stewart heir to rule as figurehead after the passing of Elizabeth II?

In short, the popularity of "The Da Vinci Code" presents the opportunity for the Royal House of Stewart to gain popular support. Dan Brown's fictionalizing of current, anonymous heirs notwithstanding, proponents of the esoteric Grail Quest know that their Christ is the heir of the Stewarts. Anyone who is confused or who thinks the current heir of Christ it is still a guarded secret just need to read Gardner's book.

Gardner himself writes that the reason he is going public with the deepest mysteries of the Knights' Templar, is that the current religious climate has changed. People are now open to hear the esoteric view and to assign it credibility. The protests and theology of the Church, and the claims of the Bible, are no longer understood in the way they had been when the Church held sway. In this, Gardner appears to be absolutely right. The Church's voice regarding the esoteric Grail Quest, from all traditions Catholic and Protestant, has been marginalized.

What is even more incredible is the way in which media empires have swatted aside historical scholarship, not just theological scholarship, to embrace the historical methods of the esotericists. This climate has helped engender the popularity of Dan Brown's novel, and the climate will only become more favorable for Gardner and the Stewart heirs after Tom Hanks tells the world that Mary Magdalene bore the love-child of Jesus Christ.

November 28, 2004.

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