Cracking the Da Vinci Code

Lt. Barry Roffman Regarding the Bible Code
by Jonathan Wilson

History Channel Interviewee discusses some possibilities.

As you know from my Bible Code articles, I had asked anyone who knew more about the Bible Code than I did to respond. To my surprise and excitement, one of the sources featured on the History Channel, Lt. Barry Roffman, responded and submitted data. Lt. Roffman is active duty in the Coast Guard. I sought and obtained his permission to reproduce his comments, and I am providing links to the documents he posted. Here then, verbatim and by his gracious permission, is his initial e-mail message to me. I have made some paranthetical clarifications.

Dear Mr. Wilson, Thank you for mentioning me in your article entitled Cracking the Bible Code: Describing the Bible Code. YOU WROTE: "a visit to my church by a guest-speaker from "Jews for Jesus" and a study of the Hebrew language on my own, quickly persuaded me that "The Bible Code" is not a genuine phenomenon."

My research indicates that you may be largely correct. But there appears to be at least one very important exception. My research, backed by Dr. Haralick, has won a concession by Codes opponent, Dr. Brendan McKay (from Australia, also featured on the History Channel--jw). I have found 13 maps encoded in the Torah. Dr. McKay conceded that he was unable to find even one like them. As is shown in my book, ARK CODE, the maps have Egyptian geographic site names, Jerusalem, and a suspect site for the Ark of the Covenant encoded in such manner as to have angles between them correspond exactly to course headings on real word maps. I'll attach a sample of the maps... (pdf link below--jmw)

Warmest regards,
LT Barry S. Roffman

Here is the pdf link to the sample:

In this subsequent e-mail all paranthetical clarifications are made by Lt. Roffman himself, who writes:
I have a 12-year old son who has just done a science fair project on the Bible Code. I'll attach his paper to my next transmission because it backs (at least partially) your earlier opinion. He looked to see if 48 Alameda California student names were encoded with Alameda. He found that the Control text produced smaller (more compact, better) matrices on 51 occasions, while the Torah produced the smallest matrices on only 45 occasions. This study seems to indicate the need for extreme caution when it comes to jumping to wild conclusions just because things can be found together closely in a Torah Code matrix. One must always check the Control or do the math, to know what is significant and what is not.

Here is the link to the school project paper in pdf.

Here are some other links provided by Lt. Roffman.

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