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The articles on this site discuss the historical and philosophical issues raised by Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code. The purpose is to gain perspective on the claims of "fact" and history made in the novel. Each article is broken up by its outline and the sections are listed in sequence. For more information concerning this site and its featured contributor, the Rev. Jonathan Wilson, go to About This Site.

The BIBLE CODE bonus articles: Articles at the bottom of this home page are devoted to the "Bible Code," which refers to the theory that the Hebrew scriptures contains hidden messages that can be found when grouping letters spaced from each other at equal distances. The claim from enthusiasts of the Bible Code is that these messages relate to very recent events, and some of these messages may predict future events, including the date that the world ends.

The Quest for the Holy Grail: The Grail Lore
The alternative, esoteric history of Jesus Christ.

The Quest for the Holy Grail: Separating History from Hoax
The review of historical record requires critical thinking and common sense.

The Quest for the Holy Grail: What the Quest Can Be
The most famous Grail legend, told in the Arthurian cycles, points to the truth about what the Holy Grail means.

Hanks and Howard: The Da Vinci Code Movie
It is bound to be a hit, confusing more people than ever.

Revealing the Heir to Jesus Christ
Sir Laurence Gardner will tell you that an heir to Jesus is alive today.

Vatican Conspiracy? Failing to Contain the Protestants
It is inaccurate to describe the Vatican as all-powerful, as the break-up of Western Christianity demonstrates.

Vatican Conspiracy? The Eastern Orthodox Church
The Eastern Orthodox are not discussed by the Grail Quest

Vatican Conspiracy? Polytheism and the Status of Women
To pose esoteric polytheism as a route to feminine empowerment is a lie and an insult to women.

Vatican Conspiracy? Diversity and Unity Before Nicea
There was never a monolithic all-controlling church entity.

Vatican Conspiracy? The Anti-Catholicism of the Grail Quest
Anti-catholicism takes many forms, including the conspiracy theories of the Grail Quest.

Vatican Conspiracy? Romantic Villains in the Grail Quest
A visceral anti-catholicism makes for more excitement in the western markets where the Grail Quest flourishes.

Sacred Feminine: Banned from the Church?
The Cult of Mary, Mother of God

The Sacred Feminine: Brown's New Wisdom
Brown's Premise of the Sacred Feminine in The Da Vinci Code

The Sacred Feminine and the Bible
Feminine Divinity appears throughout scripture

The Sacred Feminine: Liberation in One God
Worship of One God is Liberating and Empowering

Primary Sources for the Medieval Mind: The Vatican vs. Venice
The Vatican was manipulated more than it could manipulate.

Primary Sources for the Medieval Mind: Venerating the Feminine
Quotes from the middle ages demonstrate worship of the sacred feminine

Primary Sources for the Ancient Mind: Overview
It is not my word against Dan Brown's. These are excerpts from sources you can read yourself.

Primary Sources for the Ancient Mind: The Bloodline of Jesus
The descendants of the nephews of Jesus were not a secret.

Primary Sources for the Ancient Mind: Women in the Church
In the Church that Paul and Peter grew, women held office and were valued for their testimony.

Primary Sources for the Ancient Mind: Scripture Before Nicea
The Four Gospels were Authoritative Long Before Constantine

Primary Sources for the Ancient Mind: The Sacred Feminine
The ancient Christian did not worship a masculine-only God.

White Lie: Jesus is a White Man
The Grail Quest Diminishes the Semitic Origins of Jesus

White Lie: White Man's Burden
In summary, the Esoteric Grail Quest is a race-based philosophy.

White Lie: The Divine Origins of Kings
Since heathen kingdoms traced the divine lineage of their rulers, it is no surprise that Christian kings would try the same with Jesus.

Too Many Bibles II: A Shorter Book
Protestants Defied Vatican Authority and developed a new canon

Too Many Bibles I: A Nestorian Canon Blows Apart Brown's Thesis
Early disputes about what makes a Bible show the Vatican's limits.

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary
Roman Christians were themselves divided on the Perpetual Virginity of the Mother of Jesus

Older than Christ: Meat and Mystery
It's true: Many Christian concepts are older than Christianity.

Older than Christ: Zoaraster and the Afterlife
Yes, other religions believe in one life only, and Heaven and Hell.

Older than Christ: Myth, History, and Resurrection
Other religions include resurrections in their myth. However, the resurrection of Jesus occurred in history.

Virtual Reality
Separating the Church's mistakes from the knowledge of God.

The Top Ten Mistakes by the Church: 10-8
The Church has failed to be a witness to God's character and love.

The Top Ten Mistakes by the Church: 7-5.
Continuing the list of how the Church has failed to be what God intends.

The Top Ten Mistakes by the Church: 4-1
Slavery, abuse and bigotry sum it up.

Top Ten Mistakes by The Church: Dishonorable Mentions
As I keep adding, I might have to change to

Cracking the Bible Code: Describing the Bible Code
For ten years this has been hyped in books, movies, and the news.

Cracking the Bible Code: An alphabet with no vowels.
What are the rules and who makes them?

Cracking the Bible Code: Sensational Spirituality
It is a dangerous game to take God's word out of context.

Cracking the Bible Code: Looking for Armageddon
Throughout history people have tried to predict the future in order to gain power over it.

Lt. Barry Roffman Regarding the Bible Code
History Channel Interviewee discusses some possibilities.

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