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The Da Vinci Code
  A fiction novel, murder mystery, centered on the premise that the secret Grail Lore is worthy dying for and killing for.
Bloodline of the Holy Grail
  A non-fiction account of the alternative history of Jesus and his issue through Mary Magdalene
A New Eusebius
  A collection of writings from the pre-Nicene Council theologians of the Church and their opponents
Holy Bible New Revised Standard Version
  The Primary Source documents of the Christian faith establish Mary Magdalene as the first witness to the resurrection.
Breaking the Da Vinci Code
  Dallas Theological Seminary Professor Darrell Bock answers 7 FAQ's in a well researched but readable 167 pages
The Complete Works of Goeffrey Chaucer
  Chaucer's writings, often satirical of church officials, are well attested and have been popular for centuries, undermining the claim that the Vatican had the power to suppress all dissent.
  St. Augustine writes rapturously of relationship with God in Christ, in terms one would associate with venerating the Sacred Feminine.
Medieval People
  Eileen Power looks at case studies of medieval lives, in the process describing Venice's rivalry with the Vatican.


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Home page of Sir Laurence Gardner
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This is the home page for the Chicago church where Jonathan Wilson is senior pastor
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The Evangelical Covenant Church is the supervising fellowship for Jonathan Wilson.
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An independent web-resource of independent thinking and popular culture.

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